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Now on Tuesday, maybe it's a? The first stam player was released in the "Dead Dead Online". Before Friday, all owners should have the opportunity to play their game. With its online mode Rockstar Games is for sending it to the # 39; map again and expand the game with many things.

In order for the answers to reach their borders at the outset, Rockstar Games has decided to enter the "Red Dead Online" beta at levels. By Friday, more players will be allowed gradually. The developer wants to address the increasing number of active players at the same time and his / her. diminish the server's failure. The correct timetable is as follows:

– – Tuesday, November 27th: All owners of the "Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition". Players who have bought a corporate copy of "Ultimate Edition" must solve the Ultimate Editorial Code with their package to take part.

– Wednesday, November 28All players to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 26, according to the data of the Rockstar Games.

– Thursday, November 29All players playing Red Dead Redemption 2 from October 26 to October 29, according to the Rockstar Games data.

– Friday, November 30th: All players with Red Dead Red 2 Ownership.

Comments needed

Compared to the main game, players must now prepare for the online version that everything is not done; run as smoothly as they are used. You may be able to meet a cnap or glitch here and thereafter, it's a beta version; too.

The developer writes that the level can be & # 39; take several weeks or even months, and then ask players to express their experiences as hard as possible. This includes the ones that do; may not be so good. The feedback form can be found here.

The first step

The world of "Red Dead Online" offers a range of games experience that has a " constantly expanding. Also through the beta step there are always innovations and updates. You can join with friends to create squad, camping camping, get involved in collaborative work based on stories, or compete against each other in a competitive series.

At the same time, you will gain knowledge points through searches and conclusions. Throughout the progress, you'll sort things out and & # 39; develop the features. So prizes can be earned in 12 categories such as fighting, hunting, sniper and survival.

"Red Dead Online" begins to create a character. Initially, you will confirm your appearance and features before placing out of a Sisika Prison. Soon you'll find your first horse, set up a camp, find a finer, prepare your first skill chart and meet the characters of shame.

The key elements of the main game play an important part in an online mode.

Photograph: Rockstar Games

Make ready to fight

As expected, Red Dead Online is full of new competitive competition modes. Four can be confirmed in beta, which are part of a larger range. Here are the details:

Shootout Shooting & Team
Classic mills with unfinished life. If most of your & # 39; kill before the time starts, you'll win it. In attracting sudden death is encouraged: the next death is determined.

Make it counted
Battle Royal is also featured in Red Dead Online. Here, only a bow and a bunch of arrows or arrows are thrown to determine the outcome of their & # 39; game. There is a removal of escape in the growing range of games.

An innovative race to the top. Each killing will improve the situation. But be aware: At closer reach the top of the scourge, the maximum points you get for the ones that make it.

Hostile land
Here you will work as a team to control the countryside. With areas you cast you raised points. The team with most of the points or control of its & # 39; All charts are winning.

Name your weapon
In this way everyone is in a position; show their special weapons skills. More difficult to handle weapons, there will be more points for each killing.

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