Red Dead Online Betan starts tomorrow (for some)


Rockstar is committed to beta testing Distribution, a multi-player part Dead Dead Solution 2, starting November. Betan will be available in different stages this week, on the first day of the morning to those who bought their distribution. last game. Before Friday, it is available to anyone who has bought it Red Dead 2no matter what version.

These times and conditions apply to:

  • Tuesday, November 27, at 12:00 14:30 – Anyone who bought Ultimate Edition will have access to a beta

  • Wednesday 28th November – Everyone to play Dead Dead Solution 2 October 26th (publication date) will reach.

  • Thursday, November 29 – Everyone who played Red Dead 2 on November 26-29 will get access

  • Friday, November 30th – Everyone who has Red Dead 2 play beta

Rockstar emphasizes that it's a beta version; and the goal is to get the players back. It will be updated and completed by content regularly. There is no indication of how long the beta has to be & # 39; expectations before being surrendered.

FZ is planning to & # 39; flow from the bait while it's going to going up tomorrow. Stay away!

All the characters say that Dead Dead Solution 2 It's a great deal, so I'm not surprised if the answers are hard at the first time.

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