Red Dead Online: Then multiplayer distribution for Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar's wild email, Red Dead Redemption 2, was released just a month ago. The game has been honored to the clouds with one skepticism and is regarded as a candidate for its best game on the & # 39; this year. Something that was missing at & # 39; The multi-player program of Red Dead Online, which hosts the world of great play with human characters. But soon we'll try to that group too.

Then Red Dead Online will be published

The first released beta of Red Dead Online has been for the people who bought The final edition of the game. Tuesday 27th November at 2.30pm Will it be available for download. The next day, November 28, when everyone promised to play "RDR 2" right on its publication date. November 29 Everyone who played the game will be between 26-29 October and accessing beta, and November 30 Finally, all Dead Dead Redemption 2 players get the chance to try.

Then Red Dead is online

Rockstar is a worldwide wedding party in hemlisar, and that is why we still do not yet know the online situation. We know that the world can be studied individually or with other players and that you can choose the character to a degree. It would not be better if everyone was in a position; cut around as Arthur Morgan too. It is also possible to create rope breaks (max 8 players) with others and get involved in activities such as robbery, fishing, hunting and other fun activities that can be done in a group.


The game developer has announced that Dead Dead Online's world is constantly changing after its launch, based on the very successful GTA Online concept. The extent to which this is still true, but Rockstar is completely able to build on a multi-player mode in RDR 2 for a number of years. 32 players should be able to keep a house on the same server. will provide a detailed review detailing all the news in the future – so check out!

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