Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; Nude Mode of Conduct Unnecessary Things


(Picture: Rockstar Games)

As long as possible, there have been nude modes. Why? As that is gamers for you. And long Dead Dead Solution 2 it does not have a PC or support mode, it has not stopped players from showing how they exacerbate the game on a console so that they enjoy some of the weird burglars.

Using a saved editor of software called "Save Wizard," a PS4 user is anonymous without being stopped Dead Dead Solution 2, and as a result Arthur Morgan is now exposed. There is no genealogy on display – except for horse balls, usually – but here are NSFW a warning without anything. As you know, you can not always be safe during work, especially when it comes to bare boots.

Artair Morgan is here with a fire:

rdr2 nakey
(Picture: MP1ST)

And here Artair Morgan's horse riding, appeared:

rdr2 nakey horsey
(Picture: MP1ST)

And finally, Arthur Morgan again is more apparent, with terrible sins and what is uncertain:

h mph West South Westerly
(Picture: MP1ST)

As you can see, Rockstar Games chose to give Morgan no genealogy, which does something that developers do. Instead, Morgan's body has a Morgan. Joe, and from the scenes, may be a night's chest. Something tells me to think it's not a really comfortable or enjoyable journey. in riding a horse butt-naked.

As stated above, the game is not available for PC, but many reductions suggest that it will change in the future. And when he does, many are expected, many such modes.

Dead Dead Solution 2 is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Click here for more news and broadcast on the prestigious western open world. For more than our own game, this is quick from our review of its & # 39; game, with the permission of Robert Workman:

"There's just something that is missing and crash, and they're not allowed to let them even. Even when everything is & # 39 look more like it and it's amazing if you get alive, there is a real satisfaction with a pretty start-up work. It's been stolen from a well-preserved furnace to & # 39 ; simply stays where someone is making a mistake to try to clead you for the horse. I played for hours to plow through the The main story and I was just amazed from a country and finding something new – it's even fishing that it's a vital part of the game. Fishing. "

Thanks, MP1ST.

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