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We put a saddle up and made our maths.

By Jon Ryan

Yesterday, Red Dead Online received its first major refreshment after being beta for over a week. Speaking on their news release, Rockstar said that the "specifications aimed to create more balanced, fun and valuable experiences, across all methods and campaigns," usually , is a big question: is the update really bigger; do so much to decide how much of a RDO early consumer center was it that complained about? The answer is short, yes, it makes a big difference – even though it does not. Conflict all the problems of beta.

What's new

The first change is that many aspects – especially weapons – are much more accessible. Although prices for some ordinary weapons such as the rehabilitation, the bow and the carbine reactor are unchanged, all other gardens were dropped by around 30-40%. The Pistol Mauser, for example, now costs $ 1,000 to & # 39; It costs $ 600, while the Shotgun Semi-Auto is powerful down to $ 540 from its $ 900 price tag. If yes, as I have already, you had bought a few weapons for their original prices – do not worry: Rockstar will return it back the next week to pay back for what you are doing given. What's more is that other notes are not locked now behind Gold Bar, or what they are sure to be Red Dead Online's cash prices. The most important thing to me was Horse Insurance, which now costs $ 125 compared to the # 39; The previous cost of 5 gold cars, or near the week's erosion value.

For: Some of the things we expect to Red Red Online can be developed – including the old economy.

Fortunately, this is also less case after this first update. Whatever you are damaged for money or gold, you will find yourself at a time easier now. Stranger's Storytelling and Stories, as well as the Race Series games and the Race Series have risen to a higher degree, to the extent to which Rockstar's price is not in Sockeye Salmon is priced at $ 2.50 so large (although not because you can not buy the Lake Lure for gold before you reach Class 30). While previous Showdown matches have won $ 3-5 each game, we are now capable of winning even though we do it completely very much. Surely, I spent a full game just trying to get people long & It was used for target and still come out there with more than I was taking # 1 and a & # 39; MVP earnings up to date. I won most of the games I played today from between $ 10- $ 20, and although some of them have been introduced to me under $ 10, I still want to to & # 39; earn less than $ 5 per game.

In the same way, the benefits to replace Stranger's and Story's campaigns are greatly enhanced – although the same type is good; I mean that most of the initiatives seem to have their advantages; up to $ 3- $ each. The Gunslinger campaign was very unlawful and high moral, for example, initially bringing about $ 13 on a secondary run. Now, it benefits players with almost $ 18 for play again. The gold payments appear to have expanded to a place between 5 and 12 lumps for a Story mission, and Stranger (the Free Roam groups) activities are now valuable twice before.


So what's this at the end of that? Does it mean to you, the researchers badly on this digital end? Well, most, although you can not make cheese fish for a quick buck, you'll find it a lot more beneficial to just play an RDO instead of doing it; worry about your salary level. Yes, you still have to destroy a gold spoil if you want to buy a more powerful horse such as the Nokota no Andalusian, or even some of the costs such as metallic gun or special clothing, but it seems that this is something of the point. Without tanks or jetpacks to save up, most of our Gold is saved to us; make our products and our websites more personalized, in terms of our personal investment in what we choose to spend for our work, and make your character you yourselfSouth Westerly

For more of Red Ded Online, you will find several useful resources in our Red Dead 2 wiki, or see how we are experiencing our knowledge with; beta to date in our review.

JR is a editor of IGN, who gets a tree-solving & and tootin around the old west. You may be able to catch their learners on Twitter.

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