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According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun report, the sale of smartphones has recently been changed, and Huawei has evolved with a Chinese logo. featured by Apple and Samsung. In this regard, as well as identifying the strategic errors in the mobile phone market, the operators of Samsung's mobile phone department also try to " market consolidation with new smartphones. So, to suspend Huawei's development, Samsung Electronics will start to stop Samsung Huawei moors from providing flexible OLED panels to Samsung Electronics, which will also be installed. Opening mobile phone handsets.

According to the report, according to the IDC statistics from the US market research group, Huawei overwhelmed Apple in the second quarter of 2018 for smartphone devices, and gave it the second place in the world. In the third quarter, the boats continued to grow rapidly, and they continued to go. reinforcing the second place in the world, and gradually threatening Samsung's leading status. So, against the strong strong movement of Huawei, Samsung has also begun to do a number of actions.

The report also released that Samsung showed the flexible OLED panel for a photocopy photocopy on November 7, and also revealed that Samsung's mobile phone was available in the first half of 2019. Following the news, Huawei also announces smartphone plans. It is expected that the Huawei mobile phones will be officially launched in mid-2019.

Competitors compete in the new module and share their. market, the Samsung is hoping to respond to the amazing plan of the year with a cloudy phone that was hidden at its risk. So far, market stores have revealed that Samsung is putting pressure on the Samsung Display Department within the organization to invite Huawei to give Huawei a flexible OLED screen to suspend Huawei's development.

However, market surveys know it is said that Huawei has close cooperation with BOE, and the content may include the provision of an OLED embodiment. In addition, there has been recent market news reports that another panel in South Korea, LG Display, also talks to Huawei the collaborative plan for an OLED screen that can be folded give. So, have a Samsung strategy to stop the flexible OLED screen from continuing to continue its work.

(Source: Samsung's official website)

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