Red warning for Valparaíso due to a fire in Camino La Pólvora


The Poetry was named common red warning for Valparaíso before a forest fire will spend at least 25 hectares in El Olivo farm, when Camino La Pólvora and Route 68 have come to an end.

According to information provided by Onemi, the loss has been affected grazing, scrub and eucalyptus in the upper part of the port.

The fire is currently "true" behavior, with rapid advancement that threatens the nearby, long-term, & # 39; The weather and landscapes – by using gorgan – make it difficult to go to; fighting the flames.

The Bomberos chief of Valparaiso, Patricio Lara, we work with 12 units of the Valparaíso Fire Department as well as Conaf Earth brigades and air support. "In coordination with Conaf, we will work on fire control because we do not have access to land to control it. it is in streams and areas without formal access for bomb cars and land. "

In contrast, Juan Atienza, head of Woodland Fire Protection, Conaf, has grown by an adult pinewood and eucalyptus forest. "The situation can not be controlled because the area's set fire is very slim, tough In addition to the inside of the woodland there is a lot of rubbish, which is it will work brigades and the sad Fire Department ".

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