Redskins, Trey Quinn and Jordan Reed were ready for an emergency duty after Alex Smith had been injured


FEDEX FIELD – The last row we saw a Redskins rider around the world, Trey Quinn was the third episode of the first game of the season on September 9.

Sunday afternoon against Houston Texans, in the first game back from serious injuries on the ankle, Quinn himself had a heart attack away from her, play quarterback.

It was not the plan when the day started. But no one could know that to do it; start a taxpayer. Alex Smith would have a casualty break broken. Le Colt McCoy supporting the & # 39; game and yachts around the place, b & # 39; Quinn and Jordan Reed's tough head are the prejudice options.

Redskins coach, Jay Gruden, said that his person was Quinn if McCoy was going down. A quarter-round series of four series is at risk at least, but none of them are in Washington on their 53-person schedule or their client.

"If it came to that, I had to go there and make a play," said Quinn. "I was ready."

Quinn is not a graduate, but he's a good athlete. At 12 he worked in the World Series of World War and threw a guardian. He is still holding a Louisiana state record for shows (357) and a & # 39; got gardens (6,566) and played two years at LSU and two others at SMU before Redskins edited in the seventh round with the final selection of the 2018 version.

Quinn has the right ankle to experience the pipe-opening in the season against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1 and has just returned from a scheduled deposit this week.

Reed was currently a fourth in secondary school and was then employed by the University of Florida. It was even a & # 39; played there as a red-red one and three times of prophecy went to one conversation, but moved to a tight end. He was also ready – but the coaches did not tell him to warm up.

"Nah. Given that you're not even going to put it in the air," said Reed.

Jinxes was not in the position, Quinn and Reed did not have a quarterly seasonal entry to add. They both had big days. Reed took seven passes for 71 yards and touchdown. Quinn moved just to the empty receiver seat as long as Jamison Crowder had been. injured and catching four tracks for 49 yards.

Reed and Smith, before being injured, were at the last zone. A pass passed for Reed was introduced and returned to 101 yards for a Texan safety visit, Justin Reid. At the 3th and 8th play, Reed presented the Gruden called the "swoll" route. But Smith Smith had to take a step around Texts outside the Jadeveon Clowney reservation line and the nose machine was in a position; bend for him too. Reed was bringing a corner to her; dance. Mac a 'Ghobhainn was not expecting.

His quarterback did not have a clear vision where his head was tight and he had to press the pass. The result was to bring Houston 17-17 instead of being a 10-10 game or even Redskins.

It has been more than made of wood than it did with its product to capture one player after McCoy came in for his / her. Govan wounded. That capture took the Houston destination to 17-14 with 4:47 remaining in the third quarter.

Quinn, at the same time, helped a 15-bay pass on 2 and 11 to bring the ball down to Houston 15 with 47 seconds left in the first season. There were three plays that once again re-admitted Adrian Peterson in a & # 39; head belt and Texans were charged to 10-7.

Quinn got a 13-yard on 3rd and 6th in the second quarter to bring the ball to Houston 16. The final driver came to an end with the 101-yard wall difference.

Quinn got out of a 11-guard with 33 seconds to play Washington's final game and got the ball to Houston 45. Three plays later, his & # 39; win the Dustin Hopkins & 63-car park.

Quinn was instantly sent into the line as the pound returned, but the same Texan pipers were out of boundaries. Begin back in that position against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

"Trey had a huge game for us," said Reed. "He's a good player. He's a very good player."


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