Reduce behavioral attacks to a ash house and four ATVs in Tirúa


New which affected the impact of a summer house based in the village of Quidico, the town of Tirúa, after the early morning, foreigners will fire a fire, it looks like Molotovs to the house where there were also four internal ATVs that were all lost.

José Ignacio Arrivé, the owner of the house who lives in Temuco, says "his invasion, They burned the house with their four corners, when the house started to sound due to the explosion of windows and people went out to watch, They started to shoot them to frighten their neighbors and nobody came to help. "

In research

He said that "Finding 9-mm circle cascades, firearms; the whole house was lost, four four-wheel bikes. "

Governor of Arauco mainland, María Belgium Tripailaf, he said "at this time the public prosecutor ordered the PDI's responsibility, through the BIPE and Lacrim so that it can prove police staff and could – to be better about their case ".

The truth number 25 in the Arauco department after the death of its Mapuche company, Camilo Catrillanca in Ercilla, especially in the locality of Quidico, it is burning the seventh house, throughout the summer and without residents during the time of the attacks.

An impact on expressing a complaint against those who are responsible. Again, people are not in custody.

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