Reducing dangerous "casual waste" in Vietnam with its 81-year-old professor


Active toxic waste increases in size and type, and there is a toxicity; becoming increasingly dangerous. If you leave care, environmental ill health will have a detrimental effect on the environment of the earth, the water environment and the air environment, and its impact on adverse effects. end to health. healthy people and ecosystems in Vietnam.

In that situation, in 2003, Professor Pham Ngoc Dang (Vinh Hung Ward, Hoang Mai, Hanoi) area was registered with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment to explore design and furnishings. Affordable business waste is suited to our country's settings. "

700 million involved with the demand for a business waste environment

As Head of Center, Center for Environmental Engineering in the Town and Business District (CEETIA), the University of Hanoi Civil Engineering, Dr Dang invited several colleagues to speak. ideas, design principles and their first business waste burners in Vietnam to implement the project.

This is the first Vietnam-based business laundry furnishings (CNNH) designed, operated, operated by Vietnamese people and meeting national technical levels. The Ministry of Science and Technology Patent No. 5710 according to Decision Number 5508 / QĐ-SHTT from 12/06/2006.

Dr. Dr. Pham Ngoc Dang at the age of 81.

Dr. Dr. Pham Ngoc Dang at the age of 81.

This dangerous industrial waste burner is the result of the scientific and technological research project given to Professor Pham Ngoc Dang with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and two key scientists: Dr. Vu Cong Hoa and Professor Dr Nguyen Ba Toai. The project was completed in 2003-2004 with a total budget of 700 million VND.

To learn more about waste burning technologies in many world-leading countries, GS Dang has been working in many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and the United States. "But, as well as being able to reach the foundry state at the moment, we do not come to the pictures, which makes it difficult in the search. So I need, along with my colleagues, reading foreign materials and the basic knowledge trained to build the founder's operating principle, to formulate the method design. The furnace heat and gas treatment system for the furnace must work effectively Vietnam's environmental standards requirements, low operating costs, fair work, suited to the conditions of our country ". GS. Pham Ngoc Dang to share.

During the research project (2004-2005), Professor. Pham Ngoc Dang and his colleagues have many challenges, especially financial and technical.

Many items are self-contained, but some of them need domestic employees, some of which need to be ordered abroad, such as oil fountains prescribed from Italy or Germany. Finally, the foundry was completed and used to deal with CNNH rubbish in its use.

From his home to his first burn fire burning in Vietnam

It is hoped that the search results of their project should be applied in their own production to solve the practical problem in safe handling of hazardous waste in many factories. and our business / caterpillar zones, at that time, Pham Ngoc Dang was responsible for direct communication with the Chau Van Engineer – General Director of Hanoi's Urban Environment Company (URENCO Ha Noi) to confirm URENCO Hanoi to invest in building & and # 39; Construction of this furnace at Nam Nam Waste Company.

The engineer Chu Van Chau did not have endangered, highly committed endangered supporters to collaborative documents and investment of 2 billion. With scientific funding from the State budget and URENCO Hanoi volunteering capital, the project has completed the theory research and construction function and furnace installation at Nam Son Waste Management Computing, Hanoi.

At that time, it would be expensive to buy similar installations from abroad, with a tight capacity of around 10 billion VND, and with this furnace, total cost of research, design, production and build, carry out exams and & # 39; Monitoring environmental pollution according to national environmental standards, …, just about 2.5 billion.

This dangerous renewable burner is the CEETIA -150 name (CEETIA is the name of the Center for Urban Environment Technology and Business Park, 150 the annual capacity of 150 kilograms of CNNH waste), designed It is based on its & # 39; principal for a & # 39; Burning CNNH rubbish in the foundry bearers: a primary classroom room, with a temperature of about 700 degrees, is used to burn a dangerous industrial solution to gas; High school elevators will be used to clean down gas burns from primary behavioral rooms with a temperature of over 1,000 degrees to turn these poisonous gases into an indoor game.

When the furnace at Nam Son Complex Treatment Waste was completed and implemented in 2005, some Japanese companies were invested in the factories in Hanoi and Vinh Phuc to measure the solvent solution gas. Company has urged URENCO Hanoi to recycle their CNNH waste.

Trong Trinh

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