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"The memory of such a brutal matter that was published in Slovenia in the past is unforgettable," said Maja Krumberger, president of the Slovenian Insurance Association, describing an Ljubljana female example. T Twenty-three years ago, along with three supporters, the insurance issue, cut off his arm after a major claim. The police blocked the payment.

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Who proved that he had done a handshake?




“In the past, there have been cases of serious abuse, but worse or less of a wound,” he said. T Maja Krumberger. Insurance companies were also amazed at the latest examples we are writing in the article Who has proved that he handled 21 years of age?

Drawing on a huge amount, something that wasn't successful


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Now there was a 21-year guardian with her three players – the right to be in the company of his partner and his parents – according to police officers, they agreed in advance how to do them. the deceit.

At five Slovenian insurance companies, the people have been suspected of insurance policies for insurance and life insurance. At the beginning of this year, when all the policies were involved, he was said to have been the father of his 21-year-old from Ljubljana, the father of his sweetheart, all according to the media going on at Turjak – Then deliberately overturned his hand. After that, the police said the injury was, by police, released as a disaster in the sharpening of branches.

A few days after the event, the claimants submitted claims for the payment of the insurance fee for the five insurance companies, but the criminal check was stopped. Police officers were holding out all four suspects and police ordered that a 21 year-old child would be arrested. Today Delo is supposed to be a 21-year-old boy, Sebastjan Colaric, who was in a police survey in 2015 about the suspicious death of a girl who was accidentally killed.

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To get money, the 21-year-old was giving up his hand




Paying for participants in road accidents

There is also organized crime in cars. Crime groups organize traffic accidents but one thing, Slovenia insurance companies have already found out about issues when organizers even paid to take part.

There is also organized crime in cars. Crime groups organize traffic accidents but one thing, Slovenia insurance companies have already found out about issues when organizers even paid to take part.
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Krumbier says, in general, that most of the fraud are found out in the car insurance category. These issues are also excellent, but they are not as brutal as those above.

In the motor insurance field, he gives an example of an insurance man asking for compensation for the stolen vehicle, though this has been sold. Another example is a policy owner who has delayed the vehicle, although this has already been purchased.

There is also organized crime in cars. 'Criminal organizations are organizing real traffic accidents, one thing. We used to have an example in Slovenia, when one such group is getting paid and paying for those involved in road accidents so, "said the companion, for example, there is simpler fraud. T for example, when an accident has been caused by an innocent person, then it appears that the vehicle is driven by another person or that the accident happened later.

Records from remote countries

According to Krumbar, as insurance, thereafter is the insurance of a car, and later with disaster insurance, and more recently there has also been considerable fraud due to completed tourism insurance, where honorary individuals report expenses of processing or expenses t inconvenience when traveling from exotic countries with false documents.

If you are caught up in a fraud, you are at risk of being on a prison

Krumbgerjeva ultimately recognizes that insurance fraud is an offense, and that there are many individuals considered to be insufficient, especially with small frauds.

The punishment Code of the person making the offense, which, for example, gives the insurer information or gives a loss event, gives a penalty of one year. If this is done by a group of two or more people, criminals are at risk of going for eight years in prison (and hence for fraud by a broken arm).

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