Reggie says Nintendo does not have to plan a rubbish review for the moment –


That seems to be that Reggie Fils-Aime He has been interviewing several media after the last week's Game Awards. At this time, we get interesting news from the center Forbes.

In a recent interview, he has spoken The aim is to sell 20 million Nintendo Switch during this fiscal year. Reggie says they are confident in Nintendo that they have been released as a Pokemon: Let's Go and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the time between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday was important for them. "The shopping days that are left to Christmas are very important to us," he says. "Also the days after Christmas, because customers receive gift cards or receive unwanted gifts and put money on things like Nintendo Switch."

On the other hand, Reggie has also given comments the DLC, to ensure that the president of Nintendo has told them that this side is important, whether paid or free, to inspire their enthusiasm with Switch and his games. "You see that with what we did with Zelda: Breath of Wild, with the paid DLC, you'll see that, what we did with Splatoon 2 and ARMS, with a free and paid DLC," he said. "So it's something we see, but the most important thing is that the DLC offers new and additional experiences to the user." He acknowledges customer satisfaction is also important.

Finally, there was also a question about his president The facts that will focus on new hardware with Nintendo "At this time, when we move into our second Christmas, the focus is to make sure that the speed of green and neon still remains in the market, "he said. "You've already seen these consoles, whether our own or competitive competing consoles, which use these innovations later in the life cycle. So, at the moment, the In addition, we are currently focusing on the current Nintendo Switch that runs with the Joy-Con and all its capacities. "

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