Reggie talks about the importance of the # 39; There are first party games, Christmas sales, Nintendo market settings and more –


"We've released many consoles, we've seen what works to raise it"It will add to it." We saw where we lost a format, and it is a key element to offer a great continuity of receptions and, as you say, we A series of important rights for next year"

Along with this, it indicates that another key element is the wonderful factor, featuring an example such as Nintendo Labo and its link to the Play Institute. However, it seems that the headteacher does not accept his / her; market risk: "Nintendo analyzes historical performance of our previous consoles. Not just our own platforms, but also those of autumn, "he says.

Imagine that Christmas they are the first time and they believe they can sell them better on this Christmas sale. "It's a good time for us to consider where we are and also to think about how we will continue to stimulate our consuls," he says. Divide. "As you said, we have already overcame sales to GameCube, we have already won Wii U".

For this reason, they will be very important for sales in the coming weeks. Add it to it the games that come back again They will help keep the move. "Certainly, when Mr Furokawa talks to his / her community an analysis in January or when we share our full annual information in April, we'll ; share even more of what looks like our calendar continues, "said the president.

Finally, he said they feel good about their place in the marketplace, although he recognizes that they face some "historical rituals". "At the end, as long as we continue to keep this strong Software very strong, As well as the great support of the third party community, large or small, we believe we are well placed. "

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