Registration for LSSR S. Skvernel who was invited to unfinished staff with the head of his help in the Seimas


On Tuesday, inviting S. Skvernel to support the LSU party on his website, Facebook published that those wishing to sign up for the president's election could register the election headquarters.

"If you can not sign up an email but you are living in Vilnius and supporting Saul Skvernel, you can sign a presiding staff at Gedimino's priority. 21 / A Monk 2, 1st floor, "wrote LSSR.

Wednesday morning 15 minutes it went to the specific address, but the headquarters themselves did not work, because there is no description of the building.

It is home to several companies.

Since there are no comments at the intercom headquarters on S. Skvernel, we will lay down the & # 39; first selected button. A woman responding to hear what we are doing; seek, to ensure that headquarters are her prime minister here, but to go in.

Inside, the hands must move, because nothing is written on the door, there are no pictures of the applicant.

At the end, we found the staff headquarters at S. Skvernel, but it's just a start installing: there are unfortunately records, several boxes, small items, or features of a candidate.

Photo by Lucas April / 15min / Saulvernel election headquarters

Photo by Lucas April / 15min / Saulvernel election headquarters

15 minutes Henry Grigutis was the only one in the headquarters, the only assistant in the Seimas.

S. Skvernel has promised not to use state resources when they are in a position; Submit H.Grigutis 15 minutes On Wednesday, he ensured that a helper was not assisted by the Prime Minister.

"I'm free Monday," he said.

According to Grigutis, he has volunteered for a maximum of three months and another assistant is a place in Seimas.

Seimas Public Relations Department 15 minutes this information was reinforced, but Grigutis still works a little in the Seimas.

According to Artur Zelenia, head of the department, Griguch's voluntary permit was issued in one post from 18 February to 17 May, but does not work for one, but 1.5.

H.Grigutis 15 minutes He said the opening of S. Skvernel's election headquarters is still waiting.

Accordingly, the applicant's skeleton is already there, but it is not yet fully made.

Ask about the ability to & # 39; registration for S. Skvernel at the headquarters, Grigutis first offered for signing up the internet, and subsequently ensured that the paper file recordings were already in the staff.

The nearest goal is G.Nausėda

Entrants for a bit of something for S. Skvernel and Wednesday – the number of signage to the Vinker page was just over 2.3 miles.

Applicants who did not know their President Kazimieras Juraitis and Alfonsas Butė had not collected nearly 2.9000 on Wednesday afternoon. signatures.

Arvydas Juozaitis and Vytenis Andriukaitis – nearly 5.7 thousand names, Naglis Puteikis – 4.6 miles. signatures, Mindaugas Puidokas – 5 miles. signatures, Valentinas Mazuronis – 3.6 miles. signatures, Petras Auštrevičius – 4.7 miles. signatures.

The complete director in the online names of the co-actor Ingrida Šimonytė, with the required 20 miles. Signature collected on the first day of a signature collection. In the second half of the day, nearly 28,000 had already been signed on Wednesday. people.

Gitan Nausėda made rapid progress in the visit to Wednesday – he had already saved 15.4,000. signatures.

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