Regulator Suzuki Jimny will change the Mercedes class class car


Its first football for the new Suzuki Jimny, which is converted as a competitive place, was presented by the DAMD editor. A small car away from the road itself is inspired by the exhibition itself. Clay shapes, rounded lights, all characters that also carry other land carriages.

The Japanese DAMD editor has shown how he rebuilt a little Jimna on his Mercedes G class or the Land Rover Defender. He chose the names easily. What's like a G G is called Little G and what Defender remembers just on Little D.

For Little G in DAMD, they have prepared a new radiator mask with one flat rail, new light arms and special shaped knitting. It is the most ambitious version of the G63 AMG. The sides of the brackets show extended wheels and a special wheel in the back, just like a; Mercedes really.

In the second draft, Little D also comes to a complete complete reconstruction of the beautiful British roadside method. Little Jimny will change the little Defender at her back and her; Completing the place that has been replaced with a roof.

DAMD prices do not yet speak. And about getting rid of foreign markets. However, the idea and design, especially in the Little D case, are not bad at all.

Suzuki Jimny DAMD – Little D is Changing DefenderWell: DAMD

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