Rehabilitation bed was at an Juric era that included dolphins; including pillow and tight blood


Ichthyosaurs and dolphins are the unique examples of collaborative development in action, which have two unrelated species that are closely linked to similar characteristics. By fossiling a new ichthyosaur fossil, it seems that a creature in this Jurassic era was like a dolphin than we were; appreciate, showing warm blood, blubber, and even camouflage.

An amazing 180-million year fossil discovered in the representation of Posidonia Shale in the south-western end of Germany, of the species Stenopterygius ichthyosaur, giving the best evidence still that ichthyosaurs – old sea reptiles resemble dolphin – warm bloody creatures.

The conservation of the new fossil is so good, said researcher Johan Lindgren from the University of Lund in Sweden that he was able to explain the basic, flexible skin of the animal, along with the evidence of a button below. What is larger, he and his colleagues were able to find internal members and, at the molecular scale, traces of cell lines within the fossil skin. Now it is the first example of a hidden blubber ichthyosaur in science literature, aiming for ichthyosaurs as bloody or fierce organisms.

Ichthyosaurs were consistent with dinosaurs, but they looked very like today's whales, especially dolphins. Scientists may expect ichthyosaurs to be on the warm blood, based on estimates of their swimsuit, but this new discovery, which was published today in Nature, is a & # 39; first one who's a # 39; giving evidence in the form of subtle fossil meat.

In modern water mammals, blubber, as well as acting as a flat counter in the face of cold, the appliances in the wilderness and which is a fat store. Creatures are not cold, who are likely to stay in a warm climate, rather.

"It's a key role in insulation," Lindgren explained Gizmodo, "Therefore, it is not necessary for a vacuum-free animal. Therefore, those who are living in the turtle are said to have a modern terrain, but they are to increase metabolic levels compared to reptiles & ordinary, and one of many of the changes in this species is to allow cold and cold water initiatives [areas]. "

But unlike sea turtles, which lay eggs on the beach, ichthyosaurs are born alive, which are associated with warm blood, according to Lindgren.

To investigate the fossils, Lindgren and his colleagues contributed a multi-disciplinary experimental approach to investigating the structure and chemistry of the secure soft parts. The researchers were able to identify cell-like microstructures, which kept plants within the skin of the animal, and signals of internal members, and including the liver.

"We also showed that inside his skin was covered with a blubber, to say that ichthyosaurs were warm blood," said Lindgren. "The fossils are well preserved that we are able to make sense of cells, organelles cells, and the signs of their original bi-chemistry".

He learned: "Our surveys showed that this ichthyosaurus was covered, that is, it had a very dark surface and a light bulb."

Clothing counting is also present in dolphins, which serves as shampoo. In the case of ichthyosaurs, the predators could learn from predators, such as air pterosaurs from above, or water pliosurs below, and consider the researchers.

Lindgren said his team had "made the most extensive and more detailed search ever made on a soft machine fossil," but dropped out that it was based on one-person analysis. Future research needs to be expanded to include other samples, "he said.

The good news is that this could be possible. Ichthyosaur fossils are common, so palaontologists can find more fossils as prone to this one.

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