Rehabilitation center that deals with tolerance to video games as if it were a BBC cookie


Children at a meeting

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
The clinic can keep meetings with his patients to talk about what they are doing; feeling.

I'm usually in the cure session in which I sat. It's a "circle circle knowledge" of 20 people. Everyone, except the counselor who directs the session, is at least five years younger than me, and they are here because they try rebuilding life of those who have lost control.

By sharing with a & # 39; The worst of the group, they hope to change.

One member of the group, Eva *, 19, reads a list of times Its behavior has damaged the greatest people want.

"One: a few months ago, tell my parents I do not want them," he says in a speechless voice. "I had a lot of hurt when I said that."

"Two: Last year I gave my love to that I wanted to do self-kill"

The list is progressing and on. Eva recites a lot of things that she believes she has been wrong: she & she; hiding his feelings, she is a perfectionist and has no self-control, she says. He does not whiten his teeth. He does not play sport. Sometimes I do not wake up.

Eva is amazed at me and, at the end of her talk, I start to & # 39; feeling sorry for her.

Kyra, the councilor who will manage the session, will go to her; circle.

"Who do you think?" He says. "Ethan *".

Ethan, a 17-year-old boy in tight jeans, turned to Eva. I know if it is about to offer you a few words of support.

Patient form

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
The most famous celebrities of Minecraft, World of Warcraft or Battle are the most famous video games.

"I have been in my mind to show something like" Good or nothing "," Ethan said, "she's her hair back from her face." But what outcomes was your cohesion? It's a bad thing if you take it well, but will you do that? Did he make your life uncontrollable? "

"I think that," answered Eva carefully. His legs cross the chair, and she's looking from one to one. Twenty pairs of eyes quietly to come back.

Kyra will look around her, gutting. "What feelings do you think that is based?", ask the room.

There is a break. Then, another teenager, Thomas *, will break the silence.

"I think you're connected to it to be suffering. You do not understand that you have made mistakes, so instead you will do it; play the place of the victim. "

Mo phone grows dramatically. I remember that I did not; I look forward to it in an hour and I need to expressly express the impulse to look at it. I keep m & # 39; breathing breath to me to look at Eva.

First of all, I think she is upset. My phone will be declining again. I take it out of my pocket without thinking and I put it back in the immediate place.

But Eva does not cry. He does not say anything at all. The room will look in rainfall. I think she is not disturbing between: she is very wild.

Kyra is turning to her & # 39; group.

"Who is feeling self-pity? "he says.

The room will be a "safe" and "completely" siege.

"Do you want to change?"Kyra wants Eva.

"Yes, I want to change," Eva said, worried about her voice.

"Are you aware that attempts to get a look after your behaviors?" Kyra told Eva.

Raining goes through the room.

"There's not yet," Eva said to a low voice. "But I'm going to learn."

We can do a clinic

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
The cure will cost around $ 64,000.

Twenty times ago, I came to Yes We Can, a mental health center based on a long bowling with long trees, in a quiet corner of a town in the southern part of the Netherlands. When the taxi came into the magnificent black doors, the trees placed a large estate with extensive and well maintained land.

This precious house could be made of pixelated blocks in the video game Minecraft; or the level to provide a level of the saga Hitman.

This clinic is only for people aged between 13 and 25 years of age around the world who are specially cure in mental health problems, and including lack of communication to computers and smartphones and other behavioral problems that a medical community does not know about how they are classified. fewer cases.

Many of the people who say they love them smarphones, social networks or video games.

For the first time this year, the World Health Organization was formally introduced in June acting to video games in International Classification of diseases (CIE).

It can be said that the cure program in this clinic is & # 39; go further: he / she adds videos under equal terms to his & # 39; harm caused by drugs, alcohol and gambling, and asks those who complete their 10 week program A complaint from all for their rest of their lives.

The debate on whether smartphones and video games have been enjoyable for almost all of them.

It is a topic founded by Jan Willem Poot, 42, that he is growing strongly. He set up the clinic in 2010 to see what he saw as a market gap and so launched a Dutch mental health center that gave personal treatment to young people.

"It was inspired by the devolution of the Barack Obama campaign"he says to laugh.

Jan Willem Poot

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
Jan Willem Poot was encouraged by Obama's campaign message for the name of his clinic: We can.

He is very enthusiastic. I think it's very different to the way your life should be during your youth, when I spent up to eight grams of cookie a day.

Many drugs and alcohol since 2004, Willem founded the clinic to help young people overcome their mental health problems. So, it was a surprise to him when his first youngsters told her; His clinic had been split on the famous Call of Duty band, not a cocaine.

"We're going to walk in the woods every week," Willem said with her eyes wide. "And we had a number of children and said:" This looks just like I'm in a game World of Warcraft, no Battle, no matter what. They thought the enemy was a hunting behind each tree or rock, or an army came behind him on the back of each hill. "

In this back in the middle of the wood, it's a & # 39; The first group of day-to-day activity is through the troubles. Thomas, who evaporated Eva as a victim, did not start directly.

"It's so unstable!"

It is the day before the twentieth anniversary. They connect it to safety equipment and place it in the middle of a bedding in a wood.

"I can not do it! I hate hatreds.

Thomas begins to keep the tears back. It's about six meters from the ground, two steps from the platform in the trees. It's not long, but he does not want to go across.

"You can do, Thomas!" Speaking James, from London.

Thomas goes down the stairs and hers; swim on the face. I come close to it. He breathes deeply and his hair is red. I ask him why he came here.

"Especially for disagreement to the game," he says, fiddling with his & # 39; climbing garden. "But also due to eating disorders and pornity, well, that's still debated."

Thomas is a sixth week at his clinic. The most difficult thing he has done since he came to break his video game accounts.

"I was swearing and crying when I did it," he says. "Even though it was a problem, I still have good memories of my video games and the people I met there."

In the last six weeks, Thomas has learned to enjoy outdoor activities, something I did when I was in & # 39; play 16 hours per day.

I am very happy with Thomas, who looks like, be aware of himself, strong and vulnerable at the same time. At the age of many other 19-year-olds are sending to first year away from home, drinking and digging greatly, their future is not enough; They can think of a year ago.

I'm amazed when Thomas starts the microphone and he'll be amazed. Make a good picture of Rag God for Eminem: a six-minute, 1,500-word rap to show some of the rapper's fastest ringtones.

Other children are encouraged all the time.

Eucalyptus in woodland

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
The program, for 13 to 25 year olds, lasts 10 weeks.

There is something about a karaoke that looks like me for reasons that I do not understand immediately.

Then I understand that it is obvious: this is a group of teenagers and figures that are highly desirable, and, singing in a tent in the daylight. At this time, they look younger than they are.

Mar young people from wealthy families who can pay private medicine, those who receive abroad scholarships are a very fortunate way. There is a greater risk in people from serious problems to develop mental health problems and there are many fewer options for treatment.

The price is around $ 64,000.

There is growing evidence that young people from all cases in the West mental health emergency.

In recent years, a A strong rise in anxiety and disorder disorder.

Research by the Institute of Education Policy, London, suggests that the number of health care services for children and adolescents in the United Kingdom has increased by 26% in the last five years.

Baby playing

Chesnot / Getty
The lack of adventure to video games has stopped increasing in recent years.

Jean Twenge is expected to be generic. In her book, Gen., the psychology teacher argues that the worrying and emotional states of youngsters have been fascinating after 2012.

That year, he wrote, it's just just the time in which a & # 39; proportion of Americans with a very smart phoneno 50%.

The young people "are on the worst edge mental health emergency in decades, "wrote,"[y] Many of this situation can be given on their phones. "

Twenge was linked to the increase in the use of smartphones and the increase in mental health and loneliness among young people.

It also describes after 2007, the launch of the iPhone, the young Americans left to fall in socialization, data and gender.

Teenagers have a better time than ever, write it. "So what are you doing at that time?" They are watch their phones, in their room, individually and often in private.

History of the center

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
Some middle-class children admit that they spent up to 16 hours playing daily.

However, not everyone agrees. Dr. Pete Etchells, psychologist professor at the Spa University in Bath, in the United Kingdom, says Jean Twenge's book shows connection between smartphones and dementia, but not the cause of the island.

It warns us that we are in a position; risk the unnecessary medical behavior of mental health problems.


Search conviction to the computer or smartphone, social networks and the message that are caused by video games are still in beginners' learning stages.

"In the case of wearing a coconut or a heroin, we are clear to see what harm they are doing," he said.

"However, a video game game investigation does not work well by identifying people who are really involved, but do not suffer any problems, and people it's hard. "


BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen

I know if Dr. Etchells right? There may be a risk of having too much test. On this occasion I met many young people with different problems. Are they sick enough & # 39 ;? And at least, how do you know if someone is "sick enough"?

And then I sat down to Ethan's interview, who has been in the clinic for almost 10 weeks. He is friendly and attractive, completely different, he says, to the man he was when he arrived.

"I was scared everyone," he says.

Ethan speaks to me with the special integrity of everyone I know there. He tells me what he did in the day before he came to this clinic.

"I woke up at night," he said. "I usually used to & # 39; sleep at night. He is more comfortable. Fewer people around. When my parents were sleeping, I went down the stairs and ate something. "

What happened when your parents found? I want to.

"Very simple," he says. "I did not notice them."

Poor bad childhood

My phone will be declining again. I feel that WhatsApp's message is a & # 39; come to me. For a minute I am fully drawn. I'm focusing on Ethan.

Ethan spent a lot of time crying in his room. I had an accident attacks. Girt himself. It was shaped by "anything that fell into the hands," and played video games during the night. At 15, left school.

"I thought I was delighted for it," he said.

Initially, Ethan's behavior did not even make sense. His parents were enthusiastic, he says, but they did not know what he would do.

Later on, it was found that Ethan had been hiding something from everyone: he had had a bad childhood.

One of the center's patients

BBC Three / Tomasz Frymorgen
School circulation is common among video games

The interview is over. Ethan leaves the room. It appears to me even though the people I met have been particularly open about their behavior, so I did not know much about Ethan I about the background.

Jan Willem comes with her; phone in advance. I will analyze its & # 39; My own phone and I feel a mix of disappointments and lads when I see the blank screen. I had thought of the quicks. I do a thousand years mourning without friends.

Is it a pleasure to find out about & # 39; cell phone?I want to. Jan Willem is laughing.

"Yes, sure," he says.

Is it a sign of bad suffering? How do you protect children from that? I want to.

"Sometimes we're giving advice to children to leave social networks," said Jan Willem. "But we never have to give them secret advice."

WhatsApp and social networks

"Because of this, in the world, they need their phones and their laptop computers, I have a Facebook account and LinkedIn account that I am specially used for my business, and it is I'm sorry but it is also true that I need to use them. "

My phone is in my hands because I use the archive to record the conversation. The screen is light. It's a message and I am aware that I need to be open in private.

Does that cause me to attack? I'm delighted About the BBC? If I'm not going to work, can I spend a few hours' time; installing autobuses on Snapchat? And can I move that to games, to alcohol, to drugs?

I'll look at Jan Willem and try to think about the life in which I am. carry eight grams of coconut every day.

*Some names have been changed.

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