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People are walking in the shopping center at Gare Saint Lazare in Paris. Photograph: AFP / VNA / CVN

The update is already underway in 2007 with huge dusting – and new shops – Gare de l'Est, then in 2012 Gare Saint Lazare, is converted into a retail center. The most spectacular site is now the most famous, most fragile, and the smallest of the six main stations at the capital: Austerlitz. Behind the side of a scaffold wall, the magnificent 1860s surrounded by the RER and a car park is preparing to welcome passengers again. The architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who was designed to take part in this place, found a type of large balloon, which includes a restaurant amongst other things.

The Austerlitz needs to cost a cost of 290 million to the SNCF, on a bigger business than more than one billion we give to 2024. "It will be very contemporary, very provocative", releasing Patrick Ropert, general manager Gares & Connexions, the branch of the SNCF who cares for the stations. On the other side of the Seine, we will talk Most of the heritage of Gare de Lyon: after the tower of the Clock, facades, floors, roofs and frescoes are upgraded before the construction of new shops.

Follow the reform of the big hall and also a new fence on the street side of Bercy, connecting a road road road. "Each station's project is a renewal project in the city, the stations have a vital role, and that is why we are really investing" -1.2 billion euro over the three years 2018 to 2020 – says Patrick Ropert. By grading business premises; help with the needs of passengers and locals, as well as to find new income, he says: "We are more investing and more money we spend in shops and services, we can renew a large number of stations", including the smaller ones.

Olympic Station

Therefore, SNCF has moved the Gare Saint-Lazare services to take advantage of more productive activities, such as a business and sports center. "Previously, work was done every 15-20 years. Now, we do not stop, and we'll getting better all the time, we will expand … It's a new thing ", the views of Patrick Ropert. Here also, canopy regeneration of the 19th centuryS a year named. For the rest of 150 million barrels.

The continuous reform of Gare Montparnasse needs to cost the same, shared by the Altarea Cogedim developer who will, center. If the work is not completed until the end of 2020, the first third is delivered: old retail sectors, new shops, breweries, a place to wait for their place. .. "The idea is also to share people. All customers were likely to continue the same way and their. join together on the transversal platform. " When the trains left, Marie-Laure Dieu-Guillot, assistant of the Paris-Montparnasse project leader explains.

"All of our work is to make every building attractive and allowing everyone to wait elsewhere in a little tighterPatrick Ropert said, "Here, as there are other places, this better stream management also includes the development of more information and more abundant information boards." Hunting is now the restructuring of Gare du Nord, which has been aided for 600 million Euros to a company with 34% owned by Gares & Connexions and 66% by Ceetrus, the Auchan building group.

This is to add a flag to the first station in Europe to accept the & # 39; exit park and shopping center. When you arrive, passengers will go out in the renovated building in 1864. The garden must start in the snow. The aim is to be open in 2023, before the Olympics. In the meantime, the ATM Gare du Nord will be able to provide Eurostar passengers free of charge to the United Kingdom, in the context of Brexit.


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