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Reinstitution in the PAN

Rafael Moreno Valle's decision was to agree to coordinate a PAN faction in the Assembly as part of the negotiations that Marko Cortés gave to the national guidance.

The settlement was Between two long groups but most of them have one thing: they are both in the view that Felipe Calderón will be fulfilled as far as possible.

The points of the agreement were met. Marko is the headquarters of the colony bunker of Del Valle; Moreno Valle is a co-ordinator and Calderon calls off from PAN and will try to go to. creating his own party.

In fact, the new managers will be reporting for the future, but at this stage there are long-term careless calculations.

The first thing is to stop its & # 39; game to escape. Then he attempts to give a brave fight in three years.

The "senior representatives"

The number chosen by the President elects, within a week of constitutional President, to establish the relationship between federal government and the states.

The "senior representatives" already known as the elders have been approved. They focus on one representative of each dependency in the # 39; president cabinet.

Because it is easy to note, they will collect too much power and if they are also politicians from the entity, they will be placed as naturalists for the government.

The governments that had been conversed in Conago already showed their disagreement, but no one wanted to raise too much voice so that they did not. away from the new government.

National Guard, without resources

No one allowed anyone to say the last word on the theme of the National Guardian

As a matter of principle, the 2019 budget does not have a tagged device to create its new organization. It was featured by Mario Delgado, the Morena parliamentary co-ordinator in San Lazaro.

In addition to the constitutional changes that may be & # 39; means that there is a long and happy process.

For now, in order to make the best times, we must remember that the question to see if the people want or do not want this option up to 21 March.

Still missing. Anything can happen. The non-governmental parties facing the project have the ability to call and leave the media.

They want changes, or at least special dates. They do not want the army and the fleet police forever.

Immigration, non-emergency

The situation is getting worse after a day within the emigration caravan based in Tijuana.

The crisis, which is a bad councilor, begins to start; Holding on several organizations who want to throw their fortune into their US borders.

Federal Police has a very strong test.

In the altiplano, the largest political group wants to disappear as quickly as possible; and at the end, its presence is in front of emigration; making the difference between falling and falling.

As if that were enough, on the north side of the border, there was a dominance in the magazines, as if it were to fight.

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