Relationship review: The hearing was adequate


Yesterday, the Croatian community raised the two cases, after showing out of neglects in a Croatian hospital on social networks. The Inspectors say that everything was in line with professional leadership, and Mama was relaxing for the answer.

An analysis by the Croatian Ministry of Health showed that no erroneous errors were found in the treatment of infants, reports N1. As reported in the report, the child was given due regard. "Every part of the skin and the mucous phones, except for the places that have been involved with diarrhea, is healthy and well maintained. It does not seem that their children were handled or neglected unsuitable. "

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Fran Mihaljević, the hospital director, in Zagreb, had already talked to her mother and invited her to explain her what she was doing. Mama of a couple of five months old Ana TreščecShe responded in a different way after talking to doctors. It understands why the child was bound on the bed and the reasons for his / her child; red skin, but it still believes that children may be affected more often. The Hospital Director Alemka Markotićfor disrupting communications without breaking and adding: "We are also the people, and sometimes we have a bad answer."

The pictures also added death threats in submissions, and the host was already in protest, wrote at 24s. Paypayers are also alleged that they say that such red can happen in close areas quickly and that no one can talk about neglect in this case.

Forget or cure an expert?

We recall, on Cròiteach social networks, that a couple of five-month couples have been completed and are being treated for a rotavirus and a flu in medicine at Fran Mihaljević Hospital in Zagreb for a week.

Cliona Fran MihaljevićPHOTO: Facebook

According to her, one of the couple was attached to the bed, clothes were wet and dirty. They had paper bands on their hands, and they did not change the diaper for over a long time. It was worst for mom to see the effects on her & # 39; skin, which was very red.

Missing children in a Croatian hospitalPHOTO: Facebook

Cliona Fran MihaljevićPHOTO: Facebook

"I found my sister, I found it in another department, drinking her coffee. Tell me that my baby could not change every five minutes" Tell her mother for and said she was All children were given, and the red was really terrible. However, the doctors in the hospital said she was full of children and could not always be repaired.

Stunning pictures of skin shredding and ignorance of babies were spreading on Cròite social networks. "Their lumps and their close places are like living wounds. Indeed, the injuries are alive. Can you think about what kind of pain and diseases they get?"mentioned in the publication.

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