Releasing Megan in New York


Although she is in a superior blessing, Megan Mark seems to have a good time with her old friends in New York City. The party is Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra.

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The Duchess went back to Apple Big to see her friends organize her American paid party.

Next night, Megan was burned to go into a manhattan restaurant with another. This is a great friend Marcus Anderson, who is said to have met Prince Harry once.

It is considered that Megan's decision has only traveled through the harbor, and only two months before she was born, was very heavy in the background of royal status. Megan has so far been a "rebel" compared to Kate Middleton, but largely due to his choice of more fashionable cover. You do not understand silly and sad circles that are not the two clan chiefs and in "cold war", where Megan and Harry are taken out of Kensington Palace.

Photograph: BTA

In the opinion of Lady Diana's late sweetener, Harry's wife is sorry to write in her & # 39; royal court. His opinion is:

"Now Megan Markle is taking another step and clearly shows that she does not expect to shut herself in her noble circle, but her It is an active support for its close links at home in America. "

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