Remember Lidl – These spiral mills will fall out of broken glass


Take note: bad wonder when you can make a boost!

Lidl and Germany and the Consumer Protection Office and Food Safety currently have a & # 39; warns about splinters that came into three different salt and pepper products, which are spread by Lidl.

Three spreaders of the "Kania glass ceramic mill" are characterized by black pepper, colored pepper or marine salt at the WEIAND GmbH company. As the maker says, a defective glass was used in the resulting products, so glass splinters may be able to; falling off her mast.

There may be broken glass in the three salt mills and pepper that were sold by Lidl and should not be used more. (Image: food

Thirst injured! Do not use the spreader

"Due to the dangers that may be injured when eating, consumers should take care of the repeat and unused materials," a & # 39; warns Lidl in the information to users. The spreaders were spread by Lidl A Germany in the federal states of Bavaria, Hamburg, Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia. The following materials have an impact:

  • Clay mill of kania black, 50 grams; Prior to the date of February 2024
  • Kania Pepper color clay mill color, 40 grams; Prior to the 2023 February date
  • Salt salt pot of Melia clay mill, 110 grams; Prior to the date of February 2024

The mills can be returned to Lidl

As German AID says, the spreaders were illegally removed from their sales. If you have already purchased the effects of a profit, you can restore it in every Lidl branch without sending it to it; receipt and get the purchase price back. Lidl says that other products of the WEIAND GmbH are not affected by the company; making machines.

What are the dangers of plastic parts in food?

Frozen hens in the food can cause causes and pigeons in the & # 39; mouth long while they are & nbsp; tapping as well as intense permanent damage. If the slides are swallowed, depending on their shape and shape, there may be respiratory problems or anxiety. Even internal blood can not be ruled. In the worst case of moving risk. More information: First aid for dangerous foreign bodies in the body. (G)

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