Remove the Dragon ship with supplies for the Space Center


SpaceX turned off his dragonfly to skip on Wednesday, downloaded with supplies, scientific exams and food for the astronauts who lived on the International Speech Station, but did not put on his & # 39; first phase of the rocket.

"We got a big deal," said John Insprucker, SpaceX spokesman, when Falcon entered 9 into a blue, sunny, Spanish, Cape Canaveral, Florida, with 2,500 kilograms of supplies.

The space, the 16th SpaceX for NASA was part of a contract to carry supplies into space, has come to the Earth's orbit, and that is the main objective of the event.

But the first phase of the rocket did not achieve its goal to attacking the mainland in Cape Canaveral 1 conveyor zone.

After division of the second level and its & # 39; turning on their engines to return to Earth, the converter's video board camera displayed.

The live broadcast was then cut off.

SpaceX headquarters, Elon Musk, explained shortly after his Twitter account that the hydraulic pump was removed from one of the titanium cells. First level fell, so, in & # 39; sea, not far from the coast.

"It does not seem to have been damaged and giving information. There is a revival boat on the way," wrote the tycoon too.

SpaceX has been able to restore more than 30 beginners to return to Earth and land on the ground or on a floral platform.

Initially, the dragon was disposed of to be registered for Tuesday, but it was delays the day after they found damage in the mousestuff of one of the scientific studies to investigate the effectiveness of the micro- protection system.

The food in a bad state was built instead of being launched on Wednesday.

Amongst other tests among more than 250 aboard the libraries there is a new type of page module that replaces astronauts in a place.

The dockcraft capsule that used to travel on Wednesday was once used, on a supply resolution in February 2017. The station should reach a space on Saturday morning.

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