Renault expresses her concerns about Nissan's ways in searching for Ghost


Renault lawyers sent a letter to their Japanese partner Nissan, who expresses their concern. about the company's "merits in ways" and "its legal advice to guide the inside search" on its previous president, Carlos Ghosn.

In a letter sent to Nissan and published this Sunday in "Le Journal du Dimanche" (JDD), the lawyers say they are offering "Full support in searching for bad habits that may be in Renault-Nissan Alliance" but they are " The way in which some Renault staff were handled. "

It is difficult to be in 10 pages where lawyers from French makers mourn that they have never been previously informed and in an informed way of the work that was launched against Hope , who was imprisoned from the end of November in Japan.

There are practices that harm the spirit of the cooperative agreement between both; to abolish.

Renault's legal representation is of the opinion that his partner and his council have the elements that they have; sought in France to make his case against Gosn after being arrested and not to be arrested. talk with them.

Practices that upload to recordings in Renault's headquarters in Brazil, Lebanon and Holland, "where documents of a French company could be found".

"Renault has gathered enough evidence to understand and regret the ways Nissan and his lawyers have used to try to question the staff through the office of the Japanese prosecutor, "the lawyers of believers.

Ghosn, head of Renault from 2005, was arrested in Tokyo on November 19 and is still imprisoned since then, a topic of investigation for breaking confidence and for reducing income- to finance for 2010 and 2018.

After the arrest, he was removed from the Nissan and Mitsubishi command, and at the end of January he recruited Renault.

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