Renault Kwid EV Production Model is being inspected for the first time


renault kwid electric kze india

The draft production of Kwid EV was first seen in China and it is expected that it will reach 250 km of a range

Renault started road checks on the Kwid EV production model in China. The EV option holds the same picture of the usual Kwid but the first is a & # 39; get a new headed blow with a redesigned grille, which is closed on the EV change. The back also comes with some of the changes such as new lamps and tail.

Externally the graphics may take to make it stand out of the usual model. The interior is like a new instrument club and a new print. We can expect the EV to be modified; features such as screen screensaver, power window, back camera with parking sensors, wheeled wheels and more.

The Kwid EV designation is not yet shown but some of the reports suggest that the production model may reach 250km of range. Renault has a new Kwid EV development with its Chinese company Dongfeng and & # 39; The company is an e-GT New Energy Automotive company based on the joint venture between the two companies.

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The Kwid EV will be made at the Dongjeng Shiyan plant in Central China and the plant's production capacity of 1,20,000 units. It is expected that the production model of Kwid will be submitted by the end of this year or early 2020. Renault may include Kwid EV in India By 2022 and it's likely to be priced around 6 lakh.

The regular conversion of Kwid does not work well in the Indian market because its motivation; record negative growth per month. The company introduced a small upgrade last year and did not improve sales. Renault has recently listed the features of Kwid as all types now come with a crest on the driver side, seatbelt memory and ABS with EBD as a standard.

The MediaNAV touchscreen communication system is available on the earliest models updated by MediaNav Evolution, which comes with connection options such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is expected that a company will have a revised version of the Kwid later this year.

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