Renault lawyers criticize Nissan's criticism


The lawyers from the French car manufacturer of Renault have criticized some of his campaigns from the Nissan partner, and are reluctant to his research methods used in French company inquiries. This is stated in a letter to lawyers from Japanese automated lawyers, published by Journal of Journalism and recited by Press Press.

In a letter dated 19 January, French lawyers are seriously disturbing Nissan's ways and legal advice when they are in a position; conducting the internal audit and how they dealt with some of the Renault officers in their checks in the office of Japanese procurator, BTA West-

In addition to that, according to Jurnal du Dimanche, Nissan and his lawyers have been seeking arguments in France to support the protest against the old leader Carlos Ghosn after being arrested, but not telling his French companion. They tried to find Gao flats in Brazil, Lebanon and the Netherlands without telling Renault.

Carlos Gon was arrested on November 19th in Tokyo, and was subsequently arrested on reducing revenue costs identified and misleading trust. Renault Gon lost at the end of January, after he was taken away by other members of the body – Nissan and Mitsubishi.

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