Renault: Tha Ghosn is still a director, not changeable


At Renault yesterday, however, it was decided that Carlos Ghosn would retain the Renault position. The Board of Directors appointed the appointment of Thierry Bollor as an advocate, who will have the same powers as Ghosn.

Bollore got the same powers as Ghosn

At Renault, Nissan was asked to appeal to them by the Spaniards against Carlos Ghosen of financial irregularities and inappropriate regulation of Nissan's possession. Ghosna was asked to be abducted approximately $ 44 million in income, which also contributed to her; reducing the base of Renault-Nissan.

Thierry Bollore was one of the leading companies of Renault and was thought to have been the Ghosnovian supporter. there. The order of the Renault Executive Director will be finalized in 2022. In a letter to staff, Bollore supported Support and emphasized the importance of a strong commitment between Renault and Nissan in the future .

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