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On Monday, MF DNES tested to sit an exam to tell Alzheimer's disease failed. There's something else in the wheel, the allelic is not normally 100%.

The exam is designed for people aged 65 and over, explaining Lucie Levorov from lkren from Benk.

The test was conducted in collaboration with the Aboriginal State Soul Health, the author and author, expert Ale Barto.

I don't care about it, you care about yourself, Levorov. It is interesting to note that people with higher water are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

If the test is shown, his graduate should visit a specialist. Nespchvak jet does not confirm judgment. We explain to people that they don't make Alzheimer's disease that they are cleaning Levorov.

It will often be a try to prove the child's memory for his cunning family. The people who have looked after them and communicate with them in everyday life, see the differences between them, explain the actions.

The hunter may be unaware of the problems of memory, or of writing to the waves, to add Levorov.

Even a young hunter can test it if they have a problem, but it is forgotten naturally.

We forgot to last twenty-five years; But psychological consequences are not the result of the brain damage of doctors, their doctors.

Some of the dementia suffers from people. It is thought that the number of patients suffering from Alzheimer's is three levels in a decade. The disease does not leave.

When people find great difficulties, they will not be able to find words and will be unsure of where they are, or forget their regular work. At that time it's time to test themselves, Dana Steinov from the Czech Memorial Society and Jogging Brain.

The symptoms of the disease affect the patient's personality, its condition and way of life. In the mighty power, only the one is known. Especially the short-term memory is getting worse.

For example, the hunter remembers what went to the wedding feasts, but whatever he did in the day, Levorov describes it. Puffling loses heads and other common activities, getting out of control, problems in new situations.

What should you prepare for being aggressive? Ten stories of alzheimer's

In many older people, depression is caused by periods of depression, and if so, there is an appropriate psychologist. And you can test yourself in other cities. An lobster service is also available to the lobster, which is a guaranteed course for Alzheimer's disease.

The courses are arranged by the esk lkrnick chamber in association with the Czech alzheimer's society. You can also make an experimental rehearsal at home.

For the greyhound dogs the Domc test is available for use in the Czech Chamber of Commerce and in an elected lkrnch.

Help Sudoku and Metal

Going forward and providing sugar development for the lutinok, sudoku, present day and physical activity. The factors that affect the disease include parenting or lifestyle.

For the day Bititostipondl European Brain, the Remembrance Association and Brain Brains put a week of experiments and preparations for all ages. A point of action is to convince old people that they remember well and that they can use it.

Meanwhile, Tden Brain, who is under the Czech Republic Academy. We offer experts in brain experience, exercise therapies, technology, workshops, tests and puzzles. They have organized organizational workshops to learn how to use memory and attention.

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