"Replace the novel": under the cause of Laurent Ruquier, Alain-Fabien Delon will be removed (video)


Lord's race "is the title of Alain-Fabien's first novel Delon. In full promotion, son of Alain Delon who disturbed the questions of the journalists quickly on his book, as when he was invited to the "Daily" a few days ago.

On Saturday 9 February on France 2, the young man was on the series of "We're not lying" to talk about his novel. But the young author lost a lot when Laurent Ruquier It was launched that the book was very much inspired by the story of his father and son Delon. "It is a novel, but a novel to a key. It's part of your life … (…) It is clear that when we write a book like this, we'll Speaking of famous father relations and his son, we are in their autobiography", Laurent launched Ruquier.

The 24-year-old man, who can not carry the media, could not talk about the things that were similar to his life and the character of his book, which was difficult. "It's a novel. So if you want to think about what's true or what is wrong and just see the son's side … Your choice is"replied Capucine companion anav.

"It's coming out of your mouth to say that this is my story and my mother. So at this point, in fact, read the novel again, not the truth. It's a minute when I do not want to show myself, to post my private life, to clean my dirty clothes in public. That's not what I was trying to do (…) Certainly, there are things I've been on to; live, others that I'm inspiring, but at any time, you do not need to give everything back to that. Anyone who comes in for his first novel, i Do not think it's a problem for him to ask what's true and what is wrong"added the son of Alain Delon.

"When you hear skins say in a song that they killed five cops, do you ask if they would do it? The answer is answered very quickly, "the continuation of his beloved Capucine anav. "I'm excited, I'm an artist, no, so if we get back to the text, I'd like to be there, but if it's for questions like this, it's your father? ""he said.

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