Replacing hundreds of billions of dollars, the banker pocketed 460 million dong


HCM City's Human Democracy Representative said, as a result of profit profits, Huynh Nam Dung gave orders for the sub-associates to make debts and buy bonds that caused hundreds of billions of dong damage to his bank.

On 21 November, the Ho Chi Minh City Court held a VND450 billion loss case in the Mekong Housing Development Bank (MHB).

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Defendant Huynh Nam Dung (who chaired MHB) said the responsibility was not right. Evidence of the old defenders that his sub-divisions have no foundation, not really true.

Dung Protection was offered 14 -15 years imprisonment.

Defender Huynh Nam Dung said that Lu Thi Thanh Binh and Nguyen Phuoc Hoa were selling bands. The defendant says that his bank manager's board did not provide a supervisory document. Individual defenses do not have self-propelled policies. In addition, the charter appears to be a director of his & her; the company of the person with the highest authority and who is responsible for all actions. As Chairman of the Board, Protecting Defense was involved … a & # 39; meet.

He also stated that there was no evidence that he received a salary of 460 million dong as expressed and these financial statements did not reveal.

However, Lu Thi Thanh Binh, a leader of Mekong Housing Development Bank (MHBS), said in 2008 that MHB began to fall into an ineffective, unwanted business. By deciding not to lose the book, The defendant, Huynh Nam Dung, resigned the Board of Directors to make a resolution to give bids.

By 2013, ordered Dung to sell MHBS to sell bands, the sum after the sale of the bands to apply MHB merchandise to take an interest. Later on, MHB has moved money to MHBS to buy 2.1 million bands for partners. The money is moving, a & # 39; get money as Miss Binh does not know.

He could not be a General Director of MHBS explaining why the company lost the VND410 billion, & # 39; possibly due to buying and selling processes.

In response to the Panel, Nguyen Phuoc Hoa (who was a MHB General Director) found out guilty and lacking. expect only court to consider mitigation when the figure is. According to the defenders, there is a big mistake of almost 5,000 billion MHB for buying Government bonds but it is not purchased. Secondly, when MHBS receives money from MHB, it is illegal to use for correct reasons.

The MHBS director is a salary member

At the end of probation, representatives from HCM said the Democratic Republic of Home; At the hearing today, the defendant did not say the crime, but based on the case file, there are enough reasons to prove his case. The top of the person is the right to the crime. With its profit profit only, Huynh Nam Dung has directed subtractions, and # 39; record recording, design, trading bands to invest MHBS damage to MHB.

The guardians in court.

As a general director of MHBS, Lu Thi Thanh Binh has used VND3,357 billion to use thermal investments on MHB branches to gain more than VND45 billion interest. Trade has 3 accounts, which damages MHB 65.4 billion. Through self-employed, she won 58 million. Although he was a general manager, he was a paid employee. during, during its inspection process and at # 39; today's defense, he defended that Binh was saying that the crime was totally committed. The behavior of the meat was damaged to a bank of 349 billion dollars, the accused was sent; the 460 million dung attack.

Defender Nguyen Phuoc Hoa knew that MHBS had used 1,558 trillion dong to put money into bundles, and more than 966 billion dong were used to sign the MHB government trade exchange through some transferable.

The defenders are left in the case, most of the salaries who work under the supervision of landlords, not to be beneficial. During the test, the loyalists say secretly, many defenders in a poor health case. So, the Program's representative recommended that the Panel n "#; Considering the reduction of penalty for the defendants when the figure was.

From the above comments, a representative of the People's Council Institute in Ho Chi Minh City suggested a sentence sentenced by Huynh Nam Dung 14 -15-year-old prison, convicted Lu Thi Thanh Binh's sentence from 11 to 12 years, Nguyen's guardian Phuoc Hoa 10 -11 In prison on the cost of abuse in terms of position and power as long as they are on duty.

The survivors were left in the case, whose recommendation was to be sentenced to 3 years imprisonment up to 8 years imprisonment for abuse of status and authority as long as as he was on duty and being responsible for adversely affecting him.

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