Report: 3 factors to confirm the difficulty of being & # 39; joining Saudi Jeddah union


Zamalek got a tender for Tunisian Hamdi Al-Nqaz services to be left, to the left of the team, with Saudi Arabia federation to sign the player through the upcoming movement window.

The 26, who is currently in the Tunisia country's African Cup tennis camp, has been involved since he moved to Zamalek in 19 games and has been successful in a & # 39; four objectives.

Zamalek signed a three-year-old contract in January 2018 when Ehab Galal was a technical director of ES Sahel at Tunisia for $ 1 million.

Yalla Koura will review the following lines of 3 factors that are: confirming the problem that expires the crops:

– Key element:

Christian Gross coach relies heavily on creating Zamalek. Since the middle of September, he has been very involved in all competitions.

The Swiss coach refuses to leave a key element in the team, especially because the white man is leaving; Guiding the highest of the League of Egypt after four subsequent effects, and ahead of a strong local, Arab and mainland competition.

– Affricted Africa:

Yalla Koura said Hamdi Al-Naqaz is one of the restrictive elements of the African list, which the club has sent to KAF several months ago and has not been revealed, which makes it difficult to move the international Tunisian titanium from the Citadel White.

Zamalek will begin the next round of the Copa Confederations next month, with the winner of the Chad and Gumedo Togo cotton to return home from home.

– No other option:

45 days before the ferry window opened in January, Zamalek will not allow any player to leave the team, unless there is an appropriate choice or absence of participating on a regular basis.

Despite Hazem Emam, Gros is determined about Hamdi's current level when he got out when he started. He is unhappy to have & # 39; attacking him and he offers many opportunities for his teams.

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