Report: Electronic Arts closes the Japanese office


Yesterday we told that we had canceled the electrifying Electronic Arts and who had an impact on around 350 workers around the world. As a result of that news, a report states that the Japanese and Moscow offices will stop work.

Prior to this, SCF Chief Executive, Andrew Wilson, had mentioned the reduction of support in these areas, but now the plan is being signaled as a result of the closure of their offices.

according to Famitsu, Art Art organized a press release (through the afternoon) announces the closure of the Japan office and links to the explanation that the decision corresponds to the demand for attractive and high quality services for clients, as well as in addition to the establishing growth bases in the administrative and financial sector. retail.

The above, depending on the company, will not affect the presence of titles in the Japanese market, given that it is a significant sector, so will not stop support. profile so far.

As if not enough, according to a report from Kanobu (side the Electronic Arts office in Moscow also closed doors. But not everything is lost, because the projects of this sector will be transferred to a regional office in Eastern Europe; In addition, a number of staff have been re-located to this workplace.

What do you think about the bad times when Electronic Art is going? What events are there? Tell us what we think.

In associated information, this is a particularly bad time for video games. We say this because other companies also meet similar situations, such as Activision Blizzard and, to a lesser extent, Razer. On the other hand, confirmed Electronic Arts yesterday's approval with Velan Studios.

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