Report: Team attending NFL pipers for Monday – American Football


The league took five members from the clerk Clete Blakeman's team and went to the place
They have "other crew senior performance officers," according to a report
by Kevin Seifert at ESPN. It is a rare practice for the NFL and usually
reserved only for postseason games.

The two are the Blakeman team who works with her; game only
Ramon George and judge down Dana MacKenzie. Rejections include a line judge
Rusty Baynes, field judge Dale Shaw, vice-judge Brad Freeman, Tony's adjudicator
Direct and post official Jim Lapetina.

It was expected to hold the first time competition in Mexico
before being moved to Los Angeles due to field concerns.
Both teams arrive per week with a 9-1 record, and the game is filed as
Super Bowl's super preview.

– Intermediate Fife

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