Representative Bill of Graduating Ordinary Women or Risk Legislative Emergency


Kenya's politicians need to pay a bill to make sure that one-thirds of the seats in the parliament – without threatening the country into a constitutional emergency, MP who supported the bill warned Tuesday .

Despite the foundation of Kenya in 2010 saying that more than two-thirds of any selected or unauthorized group can not be the same, women can holds 22 per cent of seats in a country's lower parliamentary house, with 31 per cent in the high house.

Court resolutions of 2012 have directed the parliament to provide legislation to implement a gender rule or to dispose of risk – but previous attempts have failed to MPs women who oppose the lawyer of men a & # 39; obstructing effortlessly.

If a parliament is issued, it should be a general election. Kenya held a controversial, real pillow and violent election last year.

In terms of a larger scrutiny of the courts, Kenya's low house is expected to vote on Wednesday pil.

"The truth is that we, as a parliament, are uninhabited," said Rozaah Buyu, a representative for the Kisumu western division.

"What authority do we have to take other people into account when we do not work within a constitution to object to the rule of sex? "

The senior court in 2017 said that a penalty could be placed on his or her principal justice to advise the parliamentary dispatch if a law is not enforced, Buyu, who is a former -master of the Kenya Women's Parliamentary Association.

Time to be counted

The Kenya economy has grown by 5 per cent per year over the last decade, but the benefits have not been shared equally. Women and girls are still socially, economically and politically unwell.

Women make up only one third of the 2.5 million people working in the formal sector, saying Kenya's National Statistical Bureau. And long as women do 80% of Kenya farm works, with 1 per cent of agricultural land.

The percentage of women in the Kenya parliament is lower than the eastern African neighbors, such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, Burundi and Rwanda, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Gender experts say that women in politics around the world challenge challenges – from physical and sexual violence to fund money to fund their ventures. Quotes, which they say, help to & # 39; create a higher range and make sure the voice is represented.

The bill, which was introduced to the parliament last week, provided that a special venue will be created if the elections have been made; Performing essential numbers, with unsupported species applicants named to fill them.

With the support of President Uhuru Kenyatta and leader of the challenges of Raila Odinga, many of the MPs have contributed to the bill, and mentions a move again in Ethiopia where half the cabinet, the election leader, the head of the court and the president of women.

Marines queen & # 39; and sex scenes

But the bill is facing strong confirmation.

Previous attempts to vote on a bill are largely dispersed as a result of a quorum where MP did not present, and it is frightened that this could happen again.

Sexual rights experts say critics have also been challenging too by using populist ideas and generic sexual orientation, to show the draft legislation as a "women" bill.

Careers, they will add, will be brought to the heads of senior politicians or "kill a vaccine" – a slang term that tells a beautiful woman who does not; giving heads to wealthy people – rather than deserving benefits.

One MP suggested women named for parliamentary seats under "integrity test" where their DNA can be investigated to ensure that they are all of the same father.

Sexual rights experts say that this has stimulated public ideas about the bill – as a result of a debate that has been led by geneticism.

"Citizens say that it is a woman's sex, and the bill is to benefit women in political representation," said Zebib Kavuma, the U.N Women's Head. in Kenya.

"This arrangement may be male or female, as in the case of Rwanda where more people are named to achieve the two-thirds triangle. It is important that people and women ; go to attack the species. "

Male challengers have also argued that additional parliamentary seats would cost the cost of millions of dollar dollar dollar Kenya in additional wages, but campaigners report investigations from the Economic Affairs Institute which is a & # 39; Estimating the cost of each person to be around six shillings ($ .06) annually.

"All of these are just anomalous side-of-the-art exhibitions," said Marilyn Kamuru, a prominent lawyer and a sex rights reporter.

"Politicians who try to build up the women and their feelings are the basis to protect their voting number. That's why they do not want to debate This bill is a constitutional requirement. "

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