Representatives re-order the colors of the president's body; An opinion is sent to Seanad


The session is full of Representative Chamber agreed, with 419 votes ahead, the idea re-ordering colors sitting chairman, and went to the Senate of the Republic so he can support it by 1 December.

In the ordinary session of this Tuesday, the headquarters gave their first commitment to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador behave behavior sitting chairman with the colors in the traditional order, as it was from 1924.

It was in 2010, when he was president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, the Union Congress changed its color and color order, and # 39; leaves green under white bright.

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<p>Enrique Peña Nieto is the only party to the opponent's face of the landowner who has a complaint and official photos.</p>
<p>It is expected that the amendment to Article 34 of the Law on the Armed Forces, the Flag and the National Anthem, as described in the minutes sent to the Upper House, "will be added to order the colors set up for their National Flag. "</p>
<p>When he was sending his & # 39; Opinion before the plenary session of San Lazaro, President of the Interior Commission, Rocío Barrera Badillo (Morena), emphasized, just as the Statutory and Judicial powers preserve the symbols, the historical image of their bands who is the Chief Executive 's conduct</p>
<p>"By bringing back historical heritage, the idea that has been sent to their consideration aims to strengthen their culture and respect for national symbols, encouraging the strengthening of national identity and emphasizing the framework of respect and well-being required by the president of action, "he said.</p>
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In accordance with current 34 article of the Law on the Company Arms, the National Flag and the Old National, the president's president is represents a form of the National Flag and is a sign of the Power Federal Government, and so the President of the Republic can not.

"And the colors of the National Flag in the same width strips will be the whole, the red color that corresponds to its high band, will transport the National Switchover on The three colors, covered in a gold thread, at the height of their coffin are away, and the end of the gold ends with the edge of gold ".

Article 37 of the Law previously mentioned states that the Government is issuing its & # 39; constitutional complaint, when the President introduces the constitutional complaint, Distribution of the Agency to the President of the Union Transport, which will put its hands in hand; President. President of his Party Party.

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