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Landing on Mars November 26th, 2018 at 21:00 Tìde Kyiv – watch an online video of a & # 39; forward the test inspection

NASA InSight tests are preparing for land at 21:00. Photograph: NASA

NASA InSight tests are preparing for land at 21:00. Photograph: NASA

InSight NASA Spanish spell check six months later, it went to Mars and is preparing to go ashore, online space organization. It will be landed on the Red Planet today, November 26 at 9:00 pm Kyiv. Online broadcasting will be held by NASA TV on its YouTube channel.

There is only one spacebase opportunity to be able to; return to the planet. When the route goes in, the InSight connection – scientists call this time "six minutes of terror" will be blocked, as it is impossible to control this machine, and one can not do it; Expect the engineers to be properly corrected by engineers. Scientists have been aware of this when the rover Curiosity arrived in 2011.

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InSight certification review after landing on Mars

Photograph: NASA

InSight will enter the Mars environment at a distance of 20,600 km / h and in just 6 minutes it should be & # 39; dragging down to 12 km / h to make a soft scroll. The certification of the invasive technology is used in the successful Phoenix Phoenix 2008: the misery of the ballistic atmosphere, and it will continue with engines, and the probe will be calmly positioned on three legs in the high volcanic Elysian.

The InSight certification, which was launched on May 5, 2018, is based after landing – it is a devolution dealer to investigate its & # 39; Red Planet. The purpose of the device is designed to explore the structure and production of Mars inside – as this InSight is equipped with a seismometer. The cost of its program is & # 39; costing a $ 480 million space agency, and its own purpose is designed for 720 days – at the moment, InSight will be able to access it. explore the structure within Mars, and a sub-sound media recording.

Remember that Mars Rover Opportunity has lost an earlier NASA and is expected to get a crucial call from the Red Planet. Also earlier Old material from Earth was found on Mars's surface, The and NASA pictures find a stranger deadSouth Westerly

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