Research around, head of drugs arrested on the Saigon street


CSDT drug crime – Ho Chi Minh Police has just launched a case, opposed the accused person, the order of Nguyen Nhat Truong (age 32, living in the Go Vap area) and Phan Duy Minh (aged 39, living in the Chanh Binh area) storage and trafficking of illegal drugs.

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The police were arrested by two subjects

Previously, through the professional activities, the investigation of the drug crime investigation of the CSDT of the Minh object flat in a room in Hamlet 3, Binh Hung, the Binh Chanh area for hiding and drug sales. The drug cartoon has set up a special mission to carry the 918A number to fight.

During the research, survey and revitalization of a project team found in early November, 1818, the large group of resources met in the shelter and was ready to be distributed to delegates "net decision "Wide-

On November 7, the purpose of the school was to carry cars to Ming for 1 kilogram of rock drugs to buy and then return. When arriving at the Nguyen Van Linh – Highway 50, Hamlet 3A, Binh Hung commune car, the rehabilitation force of the specialist team in collaboration with the Polo Da Phuoc team, Hung Commune Binh Police and the Binh Chanh district Police. block the car, surrender and control the object and drug evidence of the car.

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Drug drug arrested

On the same day, experts who are trying to arrest Phan Duy Minh's drug leader as this is just a step out of the room elevator; carrying 1 kilogram of drugs delivered to guests.


Studying Minh and Truong accommodation, a police & Gathering evidence that includes: 40 kg of drugs, 3 cars, more than 440 million VND.

According to Phoc An / Vietnamnet

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