Research: ICO Achievement In Q3 there was "challenging," STOs To Outperform


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It is saying that original base donations, better-known as ICOs, have been a great success in the 2018 crypto market, which is only in & # 39 ; make a great deal in the eyes of optimistic evaluators. Despite this, only a recent report from ICO Rating, first-class research / analysis of data analysis, has been published. this opinion.

In the 67-page report, the company in total noted that "Q3 2018 was not as successful as Q2 and Q1 for ICOs," saying that this subindustry was a complete disappointment. Even the ICO signals that saw huge ships of interest in 2017, like EOS, have fallen, showing that all of this underground has suffered and has suffered greatly.

Supporting its bids with hard statistics, explained its & # 39; The research company found that £ 1.8 billion worth of funding was transferred to 597 projects in the last three months. Although this figure may look, when compared to the money raised in Q2, $ 1.8 billion may probably be similar to nothing but a fall in the word, as it was.

Especially, during the 2nd quarter of the year, ICOan raised $ 8.35 billion, although a difficult market was during that time.

And on a case-by-case basis, projects have not been doing well either, with ICO Rating a & # 39; Raising attention that only 57% of projects were able to build up more than $ 100,000 pop, with just 4% of the ICOan (just 24) names announced on public exchange.

These uncertainty statistics do not confirm that 76.15% of ICO-funded projects say "there was only an idea," which is a sad, but common issue in any business that is & # 39; fighting, including boundaries and blocks.

Reason for the sake of missing projects during the seasons, ICO Rating pointed out to "major output (market market)," reduced levels of train trains, deposit / funding reduction , not to accurately innovate, slowdown / volatility rates, and, the most important, most importantly, the rule has been fighting against the ICOs in the months past.

Just recently, as it was covered by Ethereum World News, Airfox and Paragon came under fire from U.S. and Exchange Exchange (SEC) due to the failure of the two startups to register themselves with proper controls. Talk to her & # 39; In this case, the SEC representative noted:

We have made it clear that companies who submit tours through an ICO are essential to & # 39; comply with the laws and regulations regarding security registration.

Airfox and Paragon have been ordered from then to pay a $ 250,000 fee and pay depositors agreeing in their legal smooth shows.

This case is only on the edge of his / her; iceberg, as ICO rated it:

The main problem with ICOs is that a large number of them are like scam or scam projects, and that it has been made up of certain deposits that have been sold. In July 2017 the report published a report saying that most, if all the marks, should not be classified as securities, so they are subject to the rule appropriate.

The company also drew attention to allegations, and noted that 19% of "previously mentioned ICO projects" were deleted on the website and their social media across Q3, which that is not a good signal to; & 9% out of sight in Q2. These scams said they were $ 62.1 million.

Although this knowledge is not fulfilled largely and is scattered with scams, there were still projects that stood like diamonds in the # 39; strong. The London Football Exchange, Cryptosolartech, Alchemy, and 4NEW made a value of £ 40 million +, and 16 more than $ 20 million added, it's not a sum to go to # 39; damaged.

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