Research: New theory may explain 95% of the cosmos needed –


Oxford University scientists may have been one of the biggest questions in a new physics, with a new paper that has a dark case and dark energy to one thing: a & # 39; spreads badly adverse. If you had a negative button, he would send it to it. This incredible new theory may prove to prove that Believe Einstein did a century ago.

Our widely known model of this world, known as LambdaCDM, does not tell us about the dark and physically similar dark things. We only know about it because of the likely tangible effects on another topic that can be viewed.

This new model, published today Science and Geography, by Dr Jamie Farnes from the Oxford Research Center, Department of Science Science, which offers a new definition. Professor Farnes says: "We now believe that dark and dark energy can be integrated into a sound that has a type of negative problems, The other objects around them. Although this case is really special, it is recommended that our cosmos are sympathetic in positive and negative relationships . "

The negative case had been ruled as it was expected that this material would not be as tight as the Earth universe has been; expanding, which opposes our ideas that are; shows dark energy that does not waste over time. However, Dr. Farnes's research is on & # 39; tensor of creativity, which allows for a substantial majority to be constantly created. It shows, when there are more and more of the negative objectives of its & # 39; Increasingly inactivity, this negative total discharge is not filtered by expanding its & # 39; cosmos. In fact, they appear to be the same as dark energy.

Dr. Farnes's theory also gives her a " The first foreword is correct on the case of dark case. Most of the disease has a disease; move quickly and they should heat out each other, which is recommended that & # 39; obscure halo of dark case. The new research that has been released today shows computing comparing of the features of serious damage, They expect to create a dark format as provided with ideas using new radio telephones.

Albert Einstein's a & # 39; The first evidence of the dark geography was just 100 years ago, when it found a parameter in its conjunctions known as the & # 39; cosmologic sustainability, and we now know that it is the same as dark energy. Einstein's name was the name; The most lost cosmological season, although today's astrophysical attitudes have been lost; prove that it is a real thing. In notes that date back to 1918, Einstein explained his cosmological co-appearance, and writes that "a theory change is needed so that there is a vacant place that affects a lot of serious abuse that is spread across the inter-state." So Einstein himself is capable of globalization expectations full-dimensional.

Professor Farnes says: "There are previous approaches to combine dark energy and a dark case in attempting Einstein's theory of general change, It has been very challenging. This new approach presents two old ideas that are consistent with Einstein's theory – negative dimensions and case-making – and connecting them together.

"The result looks beautiful: dark energy and dark case can be merged into one material, with the two effects being easy to explain as a positive and serious cause of marine erosion of negative damage. "

The proof of Doctor Farnes's theory comes from tests performed by the latest radio telescope called the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), an international effort to build the world's biggest telescope where Oxford University is co-operation.

Dr. Farnes says: "There are still many theoretical and computing issues and LambdaCDM starts at the beginning of 30 years, but I look forward to seeing what I can This new version of LambdaCDM corresponds correctly to the evidence of other cosmology ideas. If it is true, it would suggest that 95% needed a lively solution on the cosmos: We've forgotten to introduce a simple sign. "

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