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There is a new government or rule, researchers have a keen eye on warm warm water in the & # 39; Northern Pacific and what it means for salmon.

In the last two months, a high brush ridge which was developed across the coastal area of ​​B.C came due to an expanded warm season. The stormy season was late, and the water is three feet warmer.

Richard Dewey, a science associate director at Ocean Networks Canada, and the University of Victoria, has been looking closely at the area that is about 2,000-kilometer warmth that emerged in the fall of 2013 and D & It grew up more than spring in spring 2014 – when researchers made the name "the blob".

"That event woke us up to what's happening here. The atmosphere, storm streams and jet nose come together and we get wind more weaken across the valley and so we do not mix cold water and things are still warm, "said Dewey.

Now they are taking care of. In 2017, seabirds began to start; see its warm end; spread deeply, but this year it is back in the northeast of the Pacific and Bear Bering.

"Perhaps this is the move. This is probably the way climate change is going to appear in our back home, but we still do not know enough, "said Dewey.

Ocean Networks Canada There are instruments at the bottom and near the shore; sea. Blob 2014 did not raise their awareness months later, so researchers will be keen to monitor satellite data and sea surface temperature maps for Gulf of Alaska.

Salmon impact

Ocean warming also affects clean water temperature.

Sue Grannd is the head of the United States Fishing & Coastal Salmon Program (DFO). Its responsibility is to bring together our knowledge of salmon and their ecosystems. Ocean researchers and researchers find a connection between the blob and warming them in rivers and streams.

"It's an archaeological event in a blob, but it's caused by connecting to the atmosphere and it also affects clean water," said Grant.

Anadromous salmon, with fresh water and marine life levels, and they are get warmer temperatures in both habitats. Grant said the warm blob impact of 2014 and 2015 is changing over salmon stocks in B.C. and Yukon area.

"The mixed answers, although some of our southern sources and some of our northern ones did not do so well this year. We were seeing less than a & # 39 ; average living in salmon stocks in Water Watershed last year over the different species and we were seeing below again this year in Fraser. Other examples are north , "she said.

Grant uses a marathon model to explain the temperature of 3-5 degrees above Celsius and; salmon.

If she was running a marathon in 50 degrees Celsius she could not live because 50-60 degrees Celsius are outside her favorite range of temperatures. Atmospheric temperatures also have a better temperature range, and when they are & # 39; trying to move upwards during the summer it can adversely affect their migration.

Water temperature is shorter than more average also affecting nutrient levels.

When the ecosystem moved in 2014-2015, the surface level of Gulf Alasca was weaker in nutrition. Canada Network Networks did not have cold water species that would have been more common in nature, although warm water species were in a position; Changing to low nutritional conditions may tend to have a significant impact on them.

"When the outdoor salmon in the valley and the coast is fed under those conditions that came back in 2016-17, slightly lower than usual," said Dewey.

"The numbers I have seen say that these warmer conditions mean that there are smaller fish sizes so that it also affects."

Both Grant and Dewey say they are taking care, but it is too early to make preliminaries and what is the warm blob 2018 that? mean for salmon.

However, they can take the data from the last few years – salmon responses to warm up in fresh water and marine ecosystems – and look to see if there is a pattern and what a ; that might mean for future salmon stocks.

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