Researchers seek aspirin as a cure for tuberculosis!


Aspirin to protest against death disease throughout the world

Of course, one of the best recognizers, especially when it comes to an end, is aspirin. The active ingredient acetylsalicylic has been used for over 100 years and is known for the analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and flood effects. But even the most popular parchists can do more: Australian researchers have recently found out that aspirin is working against the world's most dangerous infectious diseases: their consumption.

The Centenary Institute has recently appeared in research that aspirin is suitable for treating it. This is especially interesting in treating the disease that escapes and spreading more antibiotics. The survey results were published in "Journal of Infectious Diseases".

Recently, the World Health Organization has voted the world's most dangerous and dangerous disease. Australian researchers have now found out aspirin as a remarkable medicine. (Image copyright: Miriam Dörr /

Throwing the disease is the poorest disease in the world

In 2018, WHO in a report said that spending it was the worst infection of our pool. Each year, around 10 million people treat severe lung disease. 1.6 million people die from it. This is thought to be a particular threat in the form of antibiotics, which affected approximately 558,000 people in 2017. The most effective drugs cannot help with this type of disease.

Unexpected assistant

Who would have thought that it is just the Aspirin that is trying to heal this situation? Australian Research Team The animal model was recognized by Stefan Oehlers that the unknown disease process caused it to die with the bacterium. This work can be banned by Acetylsalicylic acid and so may protect the immune system against the pathogen.

TB bounced with hijack plasters

Researchers at the Centenary Institute commented in zebrafish on how to find disease in the body's blood cleansing system and weaken our immune system. Using a fluoroscopic microscope, the team was able to see blood cloaks and activate platelets across disease sites.

Blood exhausts help to control their consumption

This caused the belief that the patches should be used to encourage the platelets to block the body's immune system. In other trials, the researchers investigated how the bacteria behave when the blood is treated by a person who is drying blood such as aspirin. Due to the flooding effects, pathogenan floods were less effective in influencing the worms, and eventually the bacteria were regulated by a immune system.

Aspirin as a new maker

“Zebrafish provides an insight into the treatment of a disease process,” adds Dr. Stefan Oehlers in a press release detailing the findings of the research. For the first time, the team was able to look at the interaction of cells in real time and so decide on the course of the disease. "It opens up that antiplatelet medicines could be used to help the immune system fight drug use in drugs," said author author Dr. Elinor Hortle. The study provides vital evidence that commonly available aspirin can be used to save large amounts of life and life expectancy. (G)

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