Researchers take a robot degree to learn to walk on their own


Researchers from Southern California University have developed a robotic step to walk through experimentation and error, similar to an animal.

The team, from the Viterbi Engineering School of Engineering, believe they are the world's first place to turn a foot that could be turned by animal-like movements, which they can even stand by. after being hit to prevent it falling.

The algorithm that runs the legs can learn a new walk after just five minutes of game; – constructing random movements which build a map of the body and its interaction with its environment.

“Today, it takes months or years of training for a robot to be ready for internet interaction, but we want to learn quickly and see the changes in nature. said, ”Professor Francisco J Valero-Cuevas, who worked. project by doctoral students Ali Marjaninejad, Darío Urbina-Meléndez and Brian Cohn.

Walking on the walk

Researchers hope that the technology could incorporate a number of potential uses, including our understanding of human mobility and disability, and the creation of robots that may run through a challenging environment. T (for rapidly changing activities such as disaster recovery).

"If you let them [new] robots learn from relevant knowledge, and then find a solution which, when found, will be used, changed and needfully changed, "said Marjaninejad, the chief author of the research paper.

"It may not be the perfect solution, but it will be adopted if it is good enough to set the situation. We don't all need or we want – or we can take time and effort t – to win Olympic medals. "

Through Nature

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