Researchers who have a polio-like paralysis with a & # 39; hitting children in Canada, SA.


Before falling sick on a Labor Week weekend, Xavier Downton, 4, looked forward to his / her. his first hockey season. (Downton family picture)


Near three months after he came to the Children's Hospital in East Ontario who was suffering from a tough polio situation, a boy is four years old; age back home and prepare for school.

Xavier Downton has a very different life than it was before moving to CHEO on September 4, suffering from what the family was doing. think a little chnatan.

The boy, who was looking forward to having a & # 39; start hockey to this fall, now to & # 39; Using a wheelchair – there are some doctors and developers who believe in a temporary way.

"They think it's going to walk again and maybe it's running again," said his mother, Rachelle Downton. "It's just time."

And today Xavier has little use of his right arm, which has been on his left, which he has been teaching well, says his mother.

After being ill during a Labor Day weekend, Parabalis Flaccid was proven to prove by Rachelle Downton Xavier's four-year-old son. (Julie Oliver, Postmedia)

Xavier and his family have many challenges ahead of the damage caused by intense flaccid marriages, destroying the rare situation on a Labor Day weekend.

Moderate large myelitis, or AFM, is the word used for describing a & # 39; Beginning with weaknesses in one or more concentrations due to backbone.

Xavier's story is coming forward to a new report on the "polio-like" mystery disease that is going on. appears throughout the US that is now distributed to 31 states, which has a minimum of 250 children.

Here, Canada's Public Health Organization has confirmed that there were 48 AFM testing cases across the country in 2018 – 25 of them confirmed and 23 were audited.

Officers still do not know what causes chronic obesity (AFM), or how it treats or prevents it.

The Centers for Control and Disease Change (CDC) are currently investigating 170 other causes of people with AFM symptoms.

Most patients with ill patients or intense respiratory fever, were consistent with a virus, before they became ill.

None of the issues are connected to the poliovirus, although its & # 39; Similar effects of poliovirus. It is a contract that causes more public and public health concerns this year.

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