"Resident Evil 2", full-class classic Consideration


When the news began to be distributed Evil Resident 2 who had the right to reproduce, several of them thought that Capcom might play in the # 39; classics without harm, without disturbing the amazing memories of the people who were involved in space, place and atmosphere. Now there is a belief and unbelievers that respond: a & # 39; respect the legacy.

As featured in the version first published on PlayStation, he also deserves two different recitation campaigns in the new publication. Taken to Raccoon City, the site is covered by zombies of different types, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are again entertaining. Although Leon is doing a & # 39; His first day at the police force when he exposed an unresolved disease, Claire has a looking for his brother, Chris.

They are two documentary banners that are gradually distributed, but that is a bit. against each other. This is because the player knows: when the two meet, the obvious question is: what has happened to the other one until that? The argument also includes counting Ada's insignificant presence, which is Attend suspicion and prove trusts. But it's not a gamma's lungs; in writing. Capcom could not fight around with the original material. Between 1998 and 2019 the species was flooded by family history, which ended the removal of the modern factor.

So there is a longevity, with the two campaigns staying around seven hours, cross the hooks and solve the riddles that are proposed by her & # 39; calm to avoid wrong steps. Evil Resident 2 Continuing as a problem for detail, for the attention of the Japanese producer in each meter on the way.

To a cold, a game does not have many different places. However, as each situation permits disclosure by a fallen object and another open green after delivering a puzzles on a key or a combination, it is rarely seen; Feeling it is preserved.

Capcom knew a lot like this. On PlayStation 4, the question is made in the touchpad of DualShock 4, with the column commands used to set up something, such as a green openup. They are sound notes that help the player's full immersion in the Raccoon City land.

Evil Resident 2 Formal walking on the line between the brilliant search for easy departure for minutes and the problem being lost. The work allows exams to be unhappy. They are old-fashioned puzzles, that is, the player will analyze things and his / her; problem solving with previously collected marks. They also have resolved corrections with steps, such as setting up a battery to feed feeding and just then go to it; Collecting the essential element in the room that was accessible after the blast to solve even greater runners and made of a series.

It seems to be difficult, but because they are not too passive, these riddles will add fans in the game, and # 39; Bringing stuff to him and removing the work from the list of horrible titles that appear to be a long passage with easy harassment. Who will give it Evil Resident 2 on his reward according to his loyalty.

It has never been lost without moving, the player participates in an excellent mix of terror and survival. Made of content more deeply than easily, the game prevents what is being done; expectations of the corner. We hope the chair will jump and go to; happens how the person who has gone to zombie is involved; we do not expect anything and we are & # 39; Feeling the tension is getting bigger because we've been getting tired. See another good device turned into potato. Heavy mucan on the journey, the atmosphere will come into the bone, as much as the scales to visit, as well as the # 39; bone design of the creatures inspired by our new and non-wild meat.

The conditions, from the close intersection of the sewers to the injured laboratory, design thank your power hard-haired current. The Tyrant expresses what he wants to have on his / her behalf; Feeling the sadness of hearing his steps, the Lickers are in a position; show that the ground is not the same surface where they can move, and confirm that the walls can be aware, we are afraid of the passage through the chennel, which provides access to the a penny to read the word "morgue" on her; map. What will happen Evil Resident 2 start by expecting you to reach the next section and with the fear of being & # 39; Get everything we wait for.

Survival is a way you do not have to fight everything and everyone. The things that they need to carry the items that have been collected are also scarce. An essay is to be a & # 39; collect, collect and share; Delete things that need to follow a safe procedure.

As well as weapons (several boxes are needed), there are also weapons, herbs for character and other health, and other things needed to bring back the recovery. For example, Signal Modulator. Once they are all filled and they need to collect something for progress, it is when the game is trying to return to one of the investment boxes. They can remove the things on the course, but it is physical activity as their permanent destruction and it is always in doubt that shortcomings are needed later.

This factor enhances the tension as it is a & # 39; Setting the way in which each decision is addressed, and & # 39; allowing the player to consider each shotgun. It is also a source of relief and even some of the ideas when we are (of which we are thinking) of spatial or free space in storage, as if we were a good student of Marie Kondo.

Capcom was fascinating by recognizing that some points had to be worked out before they hit on. market in 2019. The playing camera, for example, instead of offering established panoramas is now dynamic and action is now seen from a high angle of its character shoulder.

Technically, Evil Resident 2 It is a portent, not only in the machines that may be possible due to engine; a game that was packed Evil Residential 7, but also thanking the effects that it has; preserving the identity of the first one, a & # 39; gives us no unwanted universe in 2019.

The sound design performs the highest sound sound, although pronunciation is not always assured. In fact, actors' performance is not really helpful in helping them, using some series of conversations and information that appears to be the remains of the time that belong to the original work. Between the cliché and a number of feelings, "What is hell?" When the Dantesque creature is standing on the screen, it's very sure. However, it does not break the relationship between work and work.

Evil Resident 2 it is very clear. Rebuilt for the smallest details, the raw material was developed. And when he worked for hours and hours, it became clear that it's new enough for fans of the old stones to find something and also confirm them as a game "new" in 2019. Whether they are new to world Resident resident or followers that are on a day of attacking the original version, the product will be the same: a & # 39; falling in love with the play, and feeling that they do not have the tension when they relax, and They feel that they do not have a pressure when they come to the conclusion that all the things that the game had to show The Post To That, you have an excellent game.

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