Resident of Bad Abuses as a result of Bib Blast in Sibolga


A police officer was hit by a bomb explosion in Sibolga, North Sumatra. It seems that only one person has been affected, the explosion has affected residents.

The two victims were treated at the September Metta Hospital, Sibolga. Hospital information on Monday (03/12/2013), the residents who were victims and named Zulkarnaen (40). Although the police person who is the victim is unknown.

Zulkarnaen was badly wounded to the chest, the head and the back. It is said that an bomb hit it.

It has been 6 hours since the explosion occurred in one of the houses in the Sekuntum Gang, Sibolga Sambas, Sibolga. The police are continuing to deal with the occupants, ie the wife of the terrorist who is under suspicion of Abu Hamzah alias Husain.

Abu Hamzah was arrested before the explosion occurred. It is suspected to be a JAD terrorist network associated with ISIS.

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