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Challenging Residential Permit / Mainland Guidelines Citizenship is limited to the decline. Ding Shouzhong is calling for a strong Democratic Party of ETtoday News Cloud

The reporter Chen Jiaxiang / Taipei said China's mainland will implement "Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Transport Residency Permit" from September 1. The Yuan Government will put the "control of discipline" on the 20th. People who are allowed to reside on the mainland in the future can return to Taiwan. There must be some restriction on citizenship, and MAC confirmed on the 21st that he has already been debated. In this regard, Kuomintang Taipei asked for a "anti-alert" opposition, especially saying that the DPP attempts to protect relations across its narrows, which which is completely unexpected to Taiwan. "The interconnected relationship should be settled and the Taiwan economy is better." The Taiwanese people opened permission to obtain a residence permit, the MAC inspected the management of the Taiwanese people who receive the residency. Government, Yuan spokesman, Kolas Yotaka said on the 20th that he had "changed to the general control of control." She said that the government believes that control must be taken in China's mainland, when people return to Taiwan, they may have to limit their citizenship, to limit space, space and depth. But policy policy needs to listen to ideas and do not want to have a big impact, but there is great control. The guidance was confirmed. Ding Shouzhong said that others who take a US green card, Leple Leaf Leadaidh Canada can permit and allow Japanese residence to occupy a resident; voting in citizenship in Taipei. So many Taiwanese businesses are doing business in the mainland of China, but they can not return to Taiwan to vote and restrict. Citizenship, "This is awful. It is the government's policy to encourage both sides of its side and to reinforce friendly cross-sectional relationships. This is completely unhealthy to Taiwan. Relaxing relationships negotiated and the Taiwan economy will be better. " Citizenship, you still want to see … Landlord's residency is allowed to limit citizenship of the Civil Affairs Commission: In the survey, the Yuan Government spokesman: the intention of landlord occupancy consent can be limited to the citizenship network, and "can also drink senior government officials" The party blocked its citizenship and non-statutory Li Xiyu to open its & first sight! Challenge / Get a quarantine in the mainland to limit citizenship! …

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