Residents removed after a fire was broken out at St Regis Household; man taken to SGH, News & News stories highest


SINGAPORE – Residents of St Regis's Household in Tanglin Road had to be removed after a bedroom that was set up in flames.

The Singapore Civil Defense Group (SCDF) said he responded to the accident at 33 Tanglin Road at 11.30pm on Wednesday (February 20).

The fire contained a bedroom room content at level 12, and was deleted by a & # 39; using jet water and hosereel.

"When SCDF arrived, the management of the building had already started off the building," he said.

A person who was living on the 12th floor was removed by the SCDF and was taken to the General Hospital of Singapore to breathe on mist.

Times Straits recognizes that the person was aware.

The purpose of the fire is under review.

Images posted to social media are displayed inside one of the units. Watching tight smoke is & # 39; appearing out of the unit window.

In a video that was posted to Instagram, there are currently several SCDF carriages and officers.

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