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Apex Legends players have had a look at what the developers are looking for for the next parties to create big problems that will affect the game in 27 March.

Amongst other issues in the King's Canyon, Entertainment Respawn Entertainment is on track to cover widely reported boxing errors, and there are Audio Difficulties which arise from going out of contact. fall and much more.

While the devils have been making steady progress to resolve most of the problems in the game, it appears that some of the solutions are still being purchased.

Respawn Entertainment

The Devs continue to look at finding out the problems that affect some of the Legends.

Cap on frame level

Apex Legends allowed players to get up to 300 frames with a simple field. However, the developers noticed the bug which caused these players to play with the first 144 frames.

The team at Apex are currently trying to find a solution which will aim to spread the next group to resolve the issue.

Respawn Entertainment

Although target boxes have been the main target for Respawn, problems with some Fingers are still continuing.

Threshing boxes

It proved that there are still a basic problem with some arms and upper limbs Legends. They see that sometimes tentacles appear as they connect but the damage they are infringing is not always.

For the community to help with a situation, the team put pressure on players to recite and share cookies if their problem goes into their games.

Audio Matters

Respawn is aware of “drop audio” which some players have been doing. This case will allow some or all of the sounds throughout the game to be lost largely or completely.

Luckily, developers have been secretive to the issues surrounding enemy measures both being too quiet or totally silent nearby.

Though some suggestions have been made for how players could achieve at the end to improve their audience performance, they are still finding it.

Respawn Entertainment

Some sounds may still seem to be required at times in the game.

Game disasters

The demons also gave a look to so many games that the PC community has played. Although they have made a great effort to remove the problems, it does not appear that all the cases have been resolved.

Although console players have also been hit by the worst disaster, Respawn intends to include “improvements in the overall sustainability of a future customer area”. ”

To find out about the next changes, please see the check below.

Respawn Make sure: 3.27


Today we wanted to carry out some research and provide some of the topics we prepared this week. We can contact:


Remember, every week the bonus for Legends is a 25K increase. Today it is the 50K bonus that you can get for each Story. Next week there will be 75K and so it will go out at 250K.


In the last pair of posters we finished up with the aim of splitting 300 frames by the players if they were passing the usual 144-second frame. This included a bug that blocked frames to 144 whatever level the players might not be able to find. In the next stage, we will react here until the 300 cap is expected.


Xbox players should be involved in a small update that needs to be downloaded yesterday. This was addressing some sustainability issues on Xbox One.


Thanks to all those who have caught and commented on this. Following a previous inspection, we were able to establish a question regarding target boxes around Legend and senior group legends. That is why you could see that there was a view that binds together but always keeps recording damage. We've made some improvement for attendees but we are still exploring other examples that players share and testing to re-assess and address. Continue with reporting and sharing cookies if you like.


Matters that we are aware of and currently looking into:

  • Audio throw, where sounds or parts of sounds appear to be missing in the game at times.
  • A noise movement, where the loud noisy sound is a sound, that usually plays through large gun lights and / or a high density of players.
  • Close-up, or silent, enemy paths will, in some cases, be too quiet.

Some suggestions for questions that might help improve your sound performance:

  • Hard-hitting is what is most likely to be, so anything that can be done for a hard drive can speed up, including: t
    • Unblocking your HD HD before adding the game.
    • If possible, we recommend using HD quickly to put the game on, such as the SSD or 7200 RPM HD.
    • It can help to ensure that other background processes do not affect the hard drive, such as downloading other games or video recording to one HD with the game.
  • Currently, the game does not support a quad sound. If your game is already there, change it to a stereo or other option, such as 5.1 or 7.1, if that supports that.

When you see audio or bug issues, here are some information you can provide to identify the problem:

  • Zones of a common system, including the special consulate you have on (PS4, PS4 Pro, XB1, XB1S, XB1X), or the hard drive and hard drive used, if you are on a PC, will operate.
  • Analyze other things that are going on during the game at the time – were poor general acts of weak server, poor record level, etc.
  • Video if you find that you are able to catch it in a deterrent that is not doing.


Last week we fell a small piece for PC. This piece was introducing a solution to the biggest offender who caused a serious illness on PC that we were able to thank the player for reports we sent to us. Since then, we have seen a disaster of 90% on our daily rate of accidents.

This has been encouraging but we know that we're not yet out of the woods. We have been researching the causes for breaking which we see and plan to better communicate the game with messages of errors and suggestions to help players solve problems what happens if a PC disaster happens in the future renewal.

We realize that accidents have also been reported on buildings, and we include developments in the overall sustainability of a future customer area. I cannot say specific dates yet but we will let you know where we know we can and give him patch notes.

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