Respondent Speaker: "We are all targeted and innocent"


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Councilor Rida Mahmoud El-Sayed, a spokeswoman for the Judge Club, said the personal account of Marwa Barakat, the daughter of Advocate Advocate, sheriff Councilor Hisham Barakat.

"Following the personal profile of the Applicant's daughter who follows a bad and abusive series that judges the judges," he said by phone with his paper and paper program given by Nashaat Al-Dehi.

He explained that the fear of terrorism of Muslim Brothers was trying to make his / her ideas; to encourage public, both indoors and outdoors, by questioning; defeat the chancellor of the Chancellor of Hisham Barakat, saying: "All judges are concentrated and innocent."

"We call on the Egyptian people to be arrested and believe that Egyptians are influencing justice and a kiss for everyone. " D & # 39; ask the media to spread facts and raise public awareness.

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