Response of Lesy SR State Enterprise for false and misleading information, published in a weekly TREND


BRATISLAVA November 21, 2018 (WBN / PR) – Weekly TREND published on 15.11.2018 article under the title "Behind State Courts Bringing Bribes". Soviet Republic forests are far from the beautiful and deceitful information published in this article, which denies the obvious principles and principles of the sale of the sale in the hunting sections of LESOV SR.
LESY SR responds to this false information and its # 39; Delivering funding information, is not targeted.

Prices for renting venues

The author of the article says: "In addition, SR Woods only receive about one-third of the money they have collected from these new competitions." This is a true deed of truth.
Forestry Republic forests through public offerings (VOS) from 2011 to 2017 provided 27 full hunting areas. Average price per 1ha € 23.08 / ha (annually). The remainder of rent was different from € 5 / ha to € 102 / ha. In addition, after two years of such hunting hunting, the tenant has paid for the most expensive area, so the rent is Average from VOS now at € 20.03 / ha. In addition, when the VOS was implemented in the contracts, it did not; tools for entering into hunting control outside the hunting and hunting plans can be accessed, it was not possible to ensure that other desirable measures were in line with today's requirements and the concept for development hunting in the Soviet Republic.
It is important to mention how VOS includes the income for rented areas that were only measured for the land called LESOV SR.
When a new concept is realized, LESY SR will receive financial compensation for each AHU of the hunting hunting fields provided.
In terms of the economy and the position of the economic boundaries that sell sales, it is fitting that there is a " Note that we provide 26 selected centers in which the sale is offered in the # 39; First round of the tendering method from many registered hunting companies (companies and hunting societies). , they received an average of 2 applications per hunting ground.
If there's a lot of interest in the "cheap and simple closing" as the article author does; Praise, it is uncertain that the number of registered applications would be longer than the offer several times. Despite the relatively low interest rates, tenderers were willing to pay a higher value for the sale of their previous sales, and # 39 ; Take over the burden of the duties arising from the individual hunting development plans.
In order to make an overview of the current healing costs of 1 hectare of the hunting hunting area, we report that the Hunting Society's hunting societies are 0,87 € / ha / year. Sloo (SPZ), € 0.87 / ha / year and in hunting areas in the use of outbuilding groups; License 1.91 € / ha / year of the hunting area (source: Hunter Statistical Yearbook SR 2017).
At the same time LESY SR did not stop hunting land, but sold them.
A call for proposals was published in a timely manner for the general public at the official site of LESOV SR. Despite this, many stakeholders did not participate in the # 39; competition but were willing to pay more than they were in the past and they accepted Lesy SR's price policy.

Who catches hunting grounds?

The author of the article criticized that the Associated Associations, whose headquarters are more than 100 kilometers away from the area, go to the area.
Inside the VOS to promote the pastime users of LESY SR in the past, there are also issues where the headquarters of their hunting soccer are away from the ground hunt hundreds of kilometers.
We are sure the chair of the organization itself is essential for proper hunting management. It is important how this group of hunters report on how to improve the area, as it works with local communities and with its public. What is important is how they meet the terms and conditions of contractual relationships.
LESY SR decides to discriminate against any person based on the fact that he is based.

Human vision

The author of the article writes: "It is also a dispute that recent site competitions include attempts to hunt hunters for a larger number of predators from the towns near On the other hand, the state has agreed a fixed installment for the minimum minimum level in derelict areas ".

The TREND statement is completely denied to & # 39; a proper idea of ​​the sale of firearms in the selected LESOCH SR hunting fields, and we believe that it is a "misunderstanding" of a realistic or "eye-eye" One business over a & # 39; A publicly available public dump idea that is also published on the LESY SR company's website.
LESY SR directly takes care of its & # 39; a concept of encouraging & Encouraging applicants to take part in partnership and local hunters in particular when they are interested.
The commission is made up of two members of LESY SR, š.p. (Chairman and Member of the Commission), Producer from the National Forestry Center, Representative of the Slogan Hunting Room and Director of the Board of Directors LESY SR, š.p .. In submitting the appraisal of applications, they also a & # 39; Assessing the following criteria, set out in the current development plans of the hunting area provided:
1 / number of hunters (members of a hunting group) with a permanent residence in district office district jurisdiction (including neighboring district authorities) under which state administration is carried out; falling inside the hunting ground. This criteria must be published by the members submitted by the members. This criterion plays an important role in playing & # 39; Evaluation of offers and, in some cases, is also of paramount importance.

2 / a range of hunting hunting with members of the hunting group in the hunting area

3 / the number of proprietors who were LESOV SR's active staff and who had just retired from LESOV SR's active staff and members of a candidate group.
In conclusion, only a few sales were sold – LESY SR sold at 23 selected hunting centers at a normal price of € 9.30 / ha / year, and so on. getting higher income in these specific hunting areas compared to 2017 with € 411 000 / year, the partnerships will be able to access these contracts as well as contractual obligations during the duration of the contracts, which are in specific issues, a & # 39; brings other important economic benefits to SR Forestry and enable active management and protection of good time hunting.
According to the statistical data published in the Polish Statistical Yearbook for the year 2017, the average price for hunting hunting areas in the Soviet Republic is in its position; 2000. 2017 pays for hunting owners with groups within the Slovenian Holders' Association (SPZ) and agencies outside the license fee from 0.87 to 1.91 € / ha / year.
Hundreds of other farms are used by hunting groups throughout the Soviet Republic.
We believe that the strategy is set up and implemented and that there is a price policy; spin-off selling its & # 39; A summary of the concept of hunting development in the Slovak Republic.
We expect PERMANENT economic results during the life of the contracts, and Leave us a room for active control of hunting areas and taking into account all the family's requirements in a & # 39; presenting hunting and hunting rights at present.
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